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We have great news for the organization's beneficiaries! With the adjustment in INSS salaries, the value of retirements and pensions becomes very different.

Beneficiaries of the National Social Security Institute (INSS) have a reason to celebrate: the salaries paid by the INSS in January 2024 will undergo a significant adjustment.

This adjustment is promising news for millions of Brazilians who depend on Social Security. So, what is the value of the adjustment? And, even more important: when will the next payments be deposited?

Find out everything about the confirmed adjustment to INSS salaries! Credit: plasticaxe.

Discover the benefits of INSS

Did you know that, every month, around 38 million Brazilians receive INSS benefits? The municipality’s list of payments, in this sense, goes far beyond classic pensions. See below:

Retirement (by age, contribution time and points rule); Death pension (urban and rural); Inclusion aid; Inclusion aid for people with disabilities; Continuous Benefit Benefit from the Organic Social Assistance Law (BPC/LOAS) ;Assistance benefit for the elderly;Urban maternity salary;Accident benefit;Sickness benefit;Family salary;And many others.

Readjustment confirmed for INSS salaries

From January 2024, the INSS will adopt a new financial floor for benefits, in line with the increase in the minimum wage.

The new value established is R$1,412, which represents a relevant increase for beneficiaries. The adjustment will impact millions of Brazilians, especially those who do not have formal work.

The impact of the adjustment on INSS salaries

The adjustment in INSS salaries represents a significant increase in the monthly income of many retirees and pensioners.

With the increase in the minimum value, the expectation is of a positive impact on the budget of millions of Brazilian families, providing welcome financial relief.

It is crucial that beneficiaries are aware of this adjustment and follow the payment schedule to ensure they receive their benefits correctly.

After all, the increase reflects the government’s commitment to maintaining purchasing power and supporting retirees and pensioners, especially in a scenario of economic changes.

INSS Payment Calendar: January 2024

INSS beneficiaries can prepare to receive the new amounts according to an official calendar published for January 2024.

Both those who receive the minimum salary and those who receive above it must be aware of the specific dates, which vary according to the final digit of the benefit number.

First, let’s show the calendar for those who receive up to 1 minimum wage, divided according to the final digit of the benefit card:

Final 1: January 25; Final 2: January 26; Final 3: January 29; Final 4: January 30; Final 5: January 31; Final 6: February 1; Final 7: February 2; Final 8: February 5th; End 9: February 6th; End 0: February 7th.

Now, check the payment schedule for benefits above 1 minimum wage:

Finals 1 and 6: February 1st; Finals 2 and 7: February 2; Finals 3 and 8: February 5; Finals 4 and 9: February 6; Finals 5 and 0: February 7

Good news for INSS beneficiaries

The adjustment in salaries paid by the INSS is, without a doubt, good news for beneficiaries. With the increase in the minimum wage, many Brazilians will see a significant increase in their monthly income.

Pay attention to the payment calendar and prepare to receive the new adjusted amounts. Visit the official INSS website to resolve your queries:

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