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Serasa, one of the largest credit analysis companies in Brazil, recently faced a major challenge: a personal data leak. This incident, which exposed the sensitive information of millions of users, highlighted consumers’ vulnerability to fraud and privacy violations.

In response, the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) demanded that Serasa pay substantial compensation to those affected. In this article, we will explore this situation, answer questions and provide vital information on how to check if your name is on the list and how to protect your personal data.

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The Serasa data leak case

Recently, Serasa faced a serious security incident, with the leakage of personal data of millions of consumers. This situation caused great concern, as sensitive information such as purchase history, email addresses, and data linked to Social Security and the Federal Revenue Service were exposed.

The legal action and compensation required

In response to the leak, the MPF, supporting the action filed by Instituto Sigilo, requested compensation of R$30,000, an amount higher than the R$15,000 initially proposed, to compensate for the damages suffered by consumers. Instituto Sigilo also created a website to facilitate the registration and verification of affected consumers.

Serasa’s position

Serasa defended itself against the accusations, stating that no evidence of an invasion or leak was found in its systems in 2021. According to the company, the documentation presented was validated by an expert institute, reinforcing its position that there was no negligence.

Leak in Auxílio Brasil could generate compensation of R$ 15 thousand: understand the case

In addition to the Serasa case, another significant data leak incident involves the Auxílio Brasil program. In September, the Federal Judiciary ordered the payment of compensation of R$15,000 for each individual affected by this leak. This incident exposed sensitive data related to the program, increasing concerns about information security and the protection of beneficiaries’ personal data.

The impact of the leak on Auxílio Brasil

The Auxílio Brasil data leak is not only a matter of information security, but also directly affects the privacy and financial integrity of the program’s beneficiaries. The exposure of personal information in a program of such magnitude highlights the importance of data security management in public institutions.

Compensation to those affected: process underway

The court decision to compensate those affected by the Auxílio Brasil leak shows an effort to compensate for the damage caused and emphasizes the responsibility of institutions in data protection. However, this decision is subject to legal appeal, which means that compensation payment is not yet guaranteed.

Protecting your data: a growing need

In both the case of Serasa and the Auxílio Brasil leak, the need for robust data protection measures is evident. Consumers and beneficiaries of these programs should be aware of the security of their personal information and follow best practices to prevent future breaches.

These two data breach cases highlight the growing importance of personal information security and the need for constant vigilance on the part of both institutions and individuals. Stay informed about your rights and the steps you can take to protect your personal information.

Stay tuned for case updates

Affected consumers should follow updates on the cases and check if they are on the list of potential compensation beneficiaries. Protecting personal data is a shared responsibility between companies and consumers. Both can be consulted through the Instituto Sigilo website:

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