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Receive the R$1,050 Pix from Bolsa Família in January and find out if you are eligible for this additional benefit. Check payment dates and conditions.

January is bringing significant financial news for families benefiting from the Bolsa Família program.

In short, the Ministry of Social Development (MDS) announced the release of a Pix worth R$1,050 for those who meet certain conditions.

In general, to receive it, you just need to meet the requirements of the Early Childhood Benefit and the Family Variable Benefit. See more details below.

Families benefiting from Bolsa Família can receive up to R$1,250 in January with Pix and Cesta Básica. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What is the Early Childhood Benefit?

Namely, the First Childhood Benefit, which offers R$150 per child up to six years of age, allows a bonus of up to R$450 for families with three beneficiary children.

On the other hand, the Cesta Básica program, which is limited to some locations, grants an additional R$200 to a selected group of Bolsa Família beneficiaries.

This means that families eligible for both extraordinary benefits in January have the opportunity to receive a total of R$1,250, considerable assistance for the beginning of the year.

But who, after all, is entitled to receive PIX Bolsa Família and its extras?

Namely, PIX R$ 1,050 is specifically targeted at Bolsa Família beneficiaries who meet the aforementioned conditions.

When added to the contribution of R$200 from the Basic Basket program, this additional amount can increase the amount received by some families to a total of R$1,250.

But who, in fact, can receive it? The answer is simple: all families with a monthly income of up to R$218 per person.

This implies that the sum of the income of all family members, divided by the number of people who make up the family, must be less than R$218.

For example, consider a mother who alone raises three young children and works as a day laborer, earning R$800 per month.

As the children do not have their own income, the R$800 represents the family’s only source of income. Dividing R$800 (total income) by four (the number of people in the family), the result is R$200.

In this case, as R$200 is less than R$218, this mother and her three children are entitled to receive Bolsa Família.

Additional requirements

Furthermore, families that receive Bolsa Família must fulfill certain commitments in the areas of health and education. In summary, these commitments include:

Prenatal monitoring; under 18 years of age who have not completed basic education.

Furthermore, another important point is that families must keep the Single Registry updated, at least every 24 months, to guarantee the continuity of the benefit.

PIX Bolsa Família Calendar in January

It is essential to be aware of Bolsa Família payment dates, especially for those who depend on these resources. For January, the payment schedule is as follows:

NIS final 1: January 18;NIS final 2: January 19;NIS final 3: January 22;NIS final 4: January 23;NIS final 5: January 24;NIS final 6: January 25;NIS final 7: January 26th; NIS end 8: January 29th; NIS end 9: January 30th; NIS end 0: January 31st.

Therefore, it is essential that beneficiaries are aware of the dates corresponding to the last digit of the NIS (Social Identification Number) to ensure adequate receipt of aid.

In summary, the R$1,050 Pix and additional benefits provide welcome financial relief for families enrolled in Bolsa Família, especially at the beginning of the year.

Therefore, be sure to comply with the program’s rules and requirements to ensure you have access to these resources that can make a difference in your life and that of your children.

Furthermore, take advantage of the assistance offered by the government to promote a better future for your family.

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