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Do you need to rest a little more? Check out the dates when you can take time off and take the opportunity to plan a good trip!

January brings with it not only the beginning of a new year, but also the opportunity to rest and celebrate for some Brazilian cities, which have days off on special dates.

These days are a welcome break from hectic routines and each of them has its own meaning and way of celebrating. Let’s see what they are?

Did you think your days off were running out? Know that you can have more time to rest. Check out! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Understanding municipal holidays

First of all, municipal holidays are commemorative dates established by municipal laws, generally in celebration of events or personalities important to the city’s history or culture.

In short, each municipality has the autonomy to define its own holidays, which are only valid within the limits of that city.

Common examples include the city’s birthday or dates dedicated to local patron saints. It is important to note that these holidays are not observed nationally, therefore, they only apply to the city in question, differing from national and state holidays.

New breaks in sight

Some cities may soon have more time off available. Check out:

São Vicente: firstly, on January 22nd, the city of São Vicente, in the coastal region of São Paulo, celebrates its anniversary. For the inhabitants, it is a day to celebrate the history and transformations of the city, in addition to enjoying a well-deserved rest; São Paulo: next, the capital of São Paulo celebrates its anniversary on January 25th. This holiday offers São Paulo residents a chance to escape their busy daily lives and enjoy the various cultural and leisure attractions that the metropolis offers; Barbosa: finally, on January 31st, the city of Barbosa, in the interior of São Paulo, also celebrates its birthday. Residents can take part in local festivities and enjoy a day to relax and have fun.

This way, if you live in any of these regions, you can enjoy another well-deserved break!

Other holidays and optional points in 2024

In addition to these municipal holidays, it is important to remember that 2024 holds several national holidays and optional points, such as Carnival, Good Friday, Independence of Brazil, Proclamation of the Republic, among others. See the full list:

Universal Celebration (New Year): January 1st (Wednesday) Carnival: February 13th (Tuesday) Good Friday: March 29th (Friday) Tiradentes: April 21st (Sunday) Labor Day: May 1st (Wednesday)Corpus Christi: May 30th (Thursday)Brazilian Independence: September 7th (Saturday)Our Lady of Aparecida: October 12th (Saturday)Departed: November 2nd (Saturday)Proclamation of the Republic : November 15th (Friday) Christmas: December 25th (Wednesday)

These holidays offer numerous opportunities for rest, celebration, and, for many, travel and family gatherings.​

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Can I miss work on holidays?

On national, state or municipal holidays, workers have the right not to attend work, unless the activity they perform is incompatible with the strike.

This includes sectors such as health, security, and other essential services that cannot be interrupted. In these cases, the employee must receive extra pay or compensatory time off.

Can I miss when it is an optional point?

On the other hand, optional points are dates on which the operation of public bodies and institutions is optional, with the decision to open or close at the discretion of the public administration.

For the private sector, for example, it is not mandatory to follow the optional points, and it is up to each company to decide whether it will work or not. If the company chooses to operate normally, the employee who is absent may have the day deducted, unless there is a prior agreement with the employer.

In public bodies, there are generally no opening hours at optional points, but essential services continue to operate.

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