Find out how WITHDRAWING your card limit will work: payment in up to 12 installments!

If you need extra money, know that you may have access to withdrawing your own credit card limit. See how!

Nubank announces an innovation that promises to be a great ally for its customers. Now, it is possible to add balance to the account using the credit card limit.

This facility is available to users who need financial resources quickly, offering the option of paying in up to 12 installments. Check out!

You will soon be able to access withdrawals directly via your credit card. See how! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How does the new card withdrawal method work?

In principle, Nubank’s new modality allows customers to pay in installments the desired amount directly on their credit card, with an interest rate of 8.5% per month.

And for those who choose to pay in advance, there is the advantage of interest discounts, making the option even more attractive.

A more practical alternative for those who need money

In short, this new possibility appears as an alternative to traditional loans, especially for those who do not have access to this modality or need a higher amount than that released by fintech.

According to Livia Chanes, CEO of Nubank in Brazil, the objective is to expand customers’ financial options and offer more security in times of financial stress.

How to use the Nubank card function?

To use this new functionality, customers must access the credit card area in the Nubank app and select the option "Pass everything on credit".

After choosing the amount and number of installments, the operation is confirmed and the balance is immediately added to the account.

Customers approve of the practice

During the tests, it was observed that customers were opting for this modality instead of carrying out PIX via credit, due to interest and taxes being charged on the amount transferred to the account and not for each PIX carried out.

Discover Nubank’s Little Boxes

Furthermore, Nubank’s Caixas are a financial organization feature available in the fintech application.

These boxes allow users to separate their resources into different categories, making it easier to control and manage money.

For example, you can create a savings fund for a trip, for monthly expenses, or for an emergency fund.

Each box can be named and personalized according to the user’s needs and goals, making it easier to visualize and track different financial goals.

How to invest through the bank?

Now, investing through Nubank is a simple and accessible process, aimed at those looking for practicality.

The platform offers different investment options, including its own and third-party funds, with varying degrees of risk and return.

To get started, simply access the investments section in the Nubank app, choose the investment product that best aligns with your objectives and risk profile, and apply.

Nubank offers everything from more conservative options, such as Tesouro Direto bonds, to stock and multimarket funds.

What are NuCoins?

Finally, NuCoins are a type of virtual currency or loyalty program offered by Nubank. Users accumulate NuCoins by performing certain actions or transactions in the Nubank app.

For example, paying your credit card bill or making purchases at partner establishments can earn you NuCoins. These coins can be exchanged for various benefits, such as discounts on services, products, or even converted into credits to be deducted from your card bill.

The NuCoins system is a way for Nubank to reward loyalty and encourage continued use of its services by customers.

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