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With just R$100 in your account, you can hit the jackpot and win a lot of money at Nubank! Check out the step by step to guarantee a real jackpot.

Have you ever thought about turning R$100 into a fortune worth R$200,000? Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? But that’s exactly what Nubank is offering its customers through its latest promotion.

The initiative represents an incredible opportunity to earn a substantial amount of money, representing an exciting way to engage and reward customers of Brazil’s most beloved digital bank. Check out how to participate below!

With luck, you can earn good money at Nubank! Credit: plasticaxe.

Nubank’s impressive expansion

It’s fascinating to note Nubank’s exponential growth in recent years! Since its inception, the digital bank has attracted millions of customers with its innovative approach, simplified services and hassle-free user experience.

Today, Nubank is proud to be one of the largest digital banks in the world, transforming the way people interact with their finances. The number of customers, according to the most recent estimates, exceeds 80 million.

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Launched last year, Nubank’s "N Chances de Ganhar" promotion is a way of encouraging customers to use their credit cards more intensively.

For every R$100 in purchases, customers receive a lucky ticket to participate in the draw. Furthermore, the bank launched weekly missions that allow you to boost your chances of winning.

How does N Chances de Win work?

The promotion’s grand prize is R$200,000, and two lucky winners will take that amount home. The draw was carried out by the Federal Lottery on January 13th, but the winners will only be announced on January 23rd.

From the same point of view, Nubank has already held draws smaller than R$2,000, distributing part of the total prize pool of R$600,000.

To check their tickets and their chances of winning, Nubank customers must access the credit card tab in the bank’s application.

There, by clicking on the ticket icon named "N Chances de Win", it is possible to check the number of tickets purchased. Each ticket represents an opportunity to win the grand prize of R$200,000.

Participating in this Nubank promotion could be an incredible chance to change your life. With just R$100 in purchases, you can become one of the big winners and turn this small amount into a R$200,000 prize.

It is an unmissable opportunity for anyone who dreams of achieving financial stability or even realizing that long-held dream.

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Keep an eye on the news!

For Nubank customers who participated in the promotion, it is essential to pay attention to the announcement of the winners and follow the news. Remember that luck can knock on your door at any time, and you could be one of the next to celebrate a big financial victory.

Taking part in this promotion is an exciting way to try your luck and perhaps turn a small investment into a substantial reward.

So, if you are already a Nubank customer, don’t miss this chance! And if it’s not yet, perhaps it’s the perfect time to enter this world of possibilities. See more details at

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