find out how to avoid exclusion from Simples Nacional due to debts

Are you a MEI and have outstanding debts? See how to fix this situation so you don’t lose your company in the long run!

Have you, an individual microentrepreneur (MEI), ever stopped to think about the importance of being up to date with your tax obligations? Recently, more than 393 thousand MEIs were excluded from Simples Nacional due to irregularities, a warning about the need to maintain financial regularity.

In this article, we will delve into the world of MEI, unveiling the causes of this exclusion and, more importantly, how to prevent it from happening to you. Follow us and ensure the continuity of the benefits that Simples Nacional offers to your business.

Any MEI who has bills to pay for Simples Nacional must pay attention, or they may lose their registration! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

MEI Alert: exclusion from Simples Nacional and how to avoid it

Between July and October 2023, the Federal Revenue Service issued exclusion terms to MEIs that had debts with the National Treasury. This measure impacted 94.97% of MEIs that were opting for Simples Nacional, a simplified and advantageous tax regime for small businesses.

States with the highest percentage of exclusions

The states that recorded the highest percentage of exclusions were Rio de Janeiro and Amazonas. This fact highlights the importance of attentive and efficient tax management, regardless of the geographic location of your enterprise.

The importance of tax regularization

Keeping up to date with tax obligations is essential to avoid exclusion from the regime. This involves paying taxes, submitting annual declarations and paying attention to changes in legislation that may affect the MEI.

How to contest exclusion?

If you believe that the exclusion was a mistake, you can dispute it. The process involves opening a digital file and attaching supporting documents. Acceptance of the challenge results in immediate return to the regime.

Preventing future deletions

Prevention is always the best way. Stay informed about your obligations as a MEI, use financial management tools and do not hesitate to seek professional support, such as an accountant, to ensure the regularity of your business.

Reinsertion into Simples Nacional: how to do it?

The good news is that excluded MEIs have the chance to return to the regime. To do this, they must request the option for Simples Nacional and Simei again, regularizing all pending issues. This request must be made by January 31st of the year following exclusion.

Furthermore, for individual microentrepreneurs (MEIs), the year 2024 brings with it the important task of delivering the Annual Declaration of Simples Nacional (DASN-SIMEI). This annual obligation is essential to maintain the regularity of the MEI and avoid problems with the Federal Revenue.

The DASN-SIMEI is a summary of the total gross revenues that the MEI obtained in the previous year. In 2024, MEIs must report the amounts corresponding to the year 2023. It is crucial not to confuse this declaration with the Personal Income Tax declaration, as they are different processes, although they may be interconnected depending on the entrepreneur’s income. To do this, simply access the declaration website within the official deadline:

It is important to remember that non-delivery of the DASN-SIMEI can lead to fines and difficulties in issuing documents, in addition to preventing the generation of monthly DAS invoices (Simples Nacional Collection Document), which are essential for the payment of government taxes. MEI.

Therefore, it is essential that MEIs are aware of delivery deadlines, generally until the end of May of the year following the calculation, and that they keep their income duly recorded to facilitate the correct completion of the declaration. Regularity with DASN-SIMEI is an important step for the health and sustainability of the MEI business.

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