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Find out how the INSS adjustment in 2024 can increase retirement to up to R$7,786, bringing financial relief to retirees.

Every beginning of the year, eagerly awaited news arrives for thousands of retirees and pensioners in Brazil: the annual readjustment of pensions granted by the National Social Security Institute (INSS).

The year 2024 was no exception, bringing with it an increase that may surprise many beneficiaries. With this adjustment, some retirees will be able to count on benefits that reach an impressive R$7,786.

In this article, we will explore in detail how this adjustment is calculated and the implications it has for the lives of retirees.

INSS retirees can count on an adjustment in 2024, reaching benefits of up to R$7,786. Understand how it works. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

The annual INSS adjustment

In short, the INSS readjusts its pensions on an annual basis, a fundamental measure to ensure that these benefits keep up with the country’s economic changes.

In the case of those who have the benefit calculated based on the minimum wage, the increase will be 6.97%, increasing the value from R$1,320 to R$1,412.

Adjustment for INSS retirees who receive above the minimum wage

On the other hand, for beneficiaries who receive amounts above the minimum wage, the 2024 adjustment follows a different approach.

In short, it was defined based on the previous year’s inflation, resulting in a 3.71% increase in pensions for this specific group.

This means that even if the minimum wage is not significantly changed, those receiving more substantial benefits will still see an increase in their income.

The INSS retirement ceiling

Furthermore, one of the most surprising news is that the retirement ceiling, the maximum amount that a beneficiary can receive through the INSS, reached the mark of R$7,786 in 2024.

In other words, this significant increase represents a significant improvement in the financial conditions of retirees who are part of this select group. It is worth noting that this adjustment will only be applied from February 1st.

Retirees, pay attention to the INSS payment schedule

In addition to the increase in benefit values, it is important to understand how this adjustment affects the INSS payment schedule.

In this sense, for those who receive up to the minimum wage, the adjustment will be applied following the following schedule:

Final 1: payment on January 25th;Final 2: payment on January 26th;Final 3: payment on January 29th;Final 4: payment on January 30th;Final 5: payment on January 31st; Final 6: payment on February 1st;Final 7: payment on February 2nd;Final 8: payment on February 5th;Final 9: payment on February 6th;Final 0: payment on February 7th.

Meanwhile, for beneficiaries who earn above the minimum wage, the adjustment schedule is as follows:

Finals 1 and 6: payment on February 1st;Finals 2 and 7: payment on February 2nd;Finals 3 and 8: payment on February 5th;Finals 4 and 9: payment on February 6th;Finals 5 and 0: payment on February 7th.

Finally, this news represents financial relief for many retirees and pensioners who depend on these amounts to maintain their quality of life.

With the INSS adjustment, these beneficiaries have the opportunity to face financial challenges with greater security and peace of mind.

The annual readjustment of INSS pensions is a fundamental measure to guarantee the well-being of retirees and pensioners in Brazil, offering a positive outlook for the future.

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