Find out how retirees can get FREE trips in 2024

We have great news for those at their prime! With a new social program, retirees will be able to get free trips throughout Brazil! Know everything.

Retirement brings with it a well-deserved rest and the opportunity to enjoy life with more freedom. And for retirees who dream of traveling more, 2024 arrives with encouraging news: free travel!

Yes, you read that right! Let’s delve into this world of possibilities that opens up to Brazilian retirees, detailing how to guarantee free travel in this new year.

Find out how retirees can get FREE trips in 2024. Credit: plasticaxe.

The challenge of travel

In recent years, the cost of airline tickets and intercity tickets has been a challenge for many, especially retirees living on more limited budgets.

Rising prices have restricted the ability of many to travel and discover new places. But, what if I told you that there is a solution for this?

Elderly Card gives free travel to retirees

For retirees who wish to explore Brazil, the "Elderly Card", issued by the Human Rights Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, is a true passport to adventure.

This valuable document, available to Brazilian citizens over 60, goes beyond providing preferential access to parking and half-price tickets to cultural events. It is the key to free interstate bus tickets!

Other benefits of the Elderly Card

In addition to facilitating mobility for the elderly, the Elderly Card promotes active participation in society, contributing to a fuller and happier life.

With it, retirees are entitled to at least two free places per trip on interstate buses. And if these spaces are occupied, it is still possible to get a 50% discount on the ticket price.

How do I apply for the Elderly Card and get free travel?

Obtaining the Elderly Card is a simple and accessible process. Carried out through the federal government services website (, simply fill in the requested data and present documents such as ID, proof of residence, and birth or marriage certificate.

Upon completion, the card will be ready for printing, marking an important step in promoting autonomy and respect for senior citizens.

Document is available in 2024

The Elderly Card in 2024 represents more than a simple document. It is an essential tool in promoting the inclusion and dignity of retirees.

By offering free travel, it facilitates transportation and reinforces the importance of seniors in building a more just and respectful society.

Furthermore, the free travel initiative for retirees goes beyond economic benefit. It is a significant step towards the social inclusion of the elderly.

Planning your next adventure

With the Elderly Card in hand, the next step is to plan your adventure. Whether it’s a visit to distant family members, the discovery of a historic city or simply the realization of an old dream, the path is open. The time to explore Brazil with freedom and joy is now.

For Brazilian retirees, 2024 appears as a year of new possibilities and freedom. With the Elderly Card, free travel becomes an accessible reality, opening a new chapter full of exploration, learning and joy. It’s time to make the most of life, celebrating each moment with enthusiasm and gratitude.

So, pack your bags, grab your Senior Citizen Card, and embark on this journey of discovery! Find out more at

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