Find out how retirees and pensioners can get discounts on IPTU 2024

IPTU is a mandatory tax annually, but some people do not need to pay it or can get discounts. See how!

Did you know that the 2024 IPTU brings news especially for retirees and pensioners? That’s right! This year, several Brazilian cities are offering exclusive payment conditions for this audience. Understanding the new IPTU rules is crucial to planning your finances and taking advantage of the benefits available.

In this article, we will dive into the changes and explain how you, as a retiree or pensioner, can benefit from them. Get ready to discover everything about IPTU 2024 and the facilities it brings!

Will you pay IPTU in 2024? If you are within the rules, you can receive discounts. Check out how! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Exemption and discounts on IPTU for retirees and pensioners

IPTU, a tax levied on urban property ownership, can represent a burden on the budget of many. However, the good news is that retirees and pensioners may be entitled to exemption or significant discounts. These conditions vary according to each municipality, but are generally linked to requirements such as monthly income and market value of the property.

How to request exemption or discounts on IPTU

To request exemption or discounts on IPTU, you must contact your city hall. The process may include presenting documents such as proof of income, birth or marriage certificate, and proof of residence. Pay attention to the specific deadlines and requirements in your city!

Understanding market value and other criteria

The market value of the property is one of the criteria used to determine eligibility for exemption or discounts on IPTU. This value is calculated based on the location, size and condition of the property. Family income and other factors are also considered. Therefore, it is important to find out about all the criteria applicable in your municipality.

Benefits beyond IPTU

In addition to IPTU, retirees and pensioners can also benefit from other tax exemptions and discounts on municipal services. These benefits are a way of recognizing the contribution of these citizens to society and helping them to have a better quality of life in retirement. Check out:

Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC)

BPC is a Social Assistance benefit, guaranteed by the Organic Social Assistance Law (LOAS), which offers a minimum monthly wage to seniors aged 65 or over and people with disabilities of any age.

To be entitled to the BPC, the income per person in the family group must be less than 1/4 of the current minimum wage. This benefit is essential to guarantee minimum financial support for elderly people in vulnerable situations.

Income Tax Exemption at source

Seniors aged 65 and over are entitled to additional exemption from Income Tax on certain types of income, such as retirement, pension or pension. Additionally, there is a higher income limit for seniors to start paying Income Tax. This exemption helps ease the tax burden on seniors, providing important financial relief.

Discounts on medicines and health care

Through the Farmácia Popular do Brasil Program and state and municipal health policies, elderly people have access to free or discounted medicines for the treatment of chronic diseases common in old age. Furthermore, the Elderly Statute guarantees priority in health care and easy access to exams and consultations.

These benefits represent recognition of the importance of offering adequate support and care to the elderly, guaranteeing them a better quality of life and dignity in old age. It is essential that elderly people and their families are aware of these rights in order to fully enjoy them.

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