find out how it works to send the medical report through the app

In 2024, INSS beneficiaries will be able to send a medical report without leaving home! We show how you can complete the INSS examination online; check out.

With the current reality demanding increasingly digitalized solutions, the INSS takes a step forward by implementing online medical expertise, a modern and efficient alternative that promises to simplify the lives of policyholders.

The big difference with this new feature is the possibility of sending the medical report completely online, without having to leave home or go to the agency’s service units. To check out the step by step, just stay with us!

How to complete the medical examination online at INSS? Credit: plasticaxe.

INSS and social protection for Brazilians

The National Social Security Institute (INSS) is one of the most important institutions when we talk about social protection in Brazil.

The authority is responsible for a series of benefits, such as retirement, pensions and aid, the INSS plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing the rights of Brazilian workers, especially in times of vulnerability such as illness and disability.

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INSS announces online medical expertise

The COVID-19 pandemic required adaptations in several sectors, and with the INSS it was no different. Digital medical expertise emerged as an innovative solution to guarantee the continuity of services, even with agencies closed.

Now, even with the reopening, the demand for in-person expertise remains high, leading to long waiting lines and even lawsuits.

In this context, the Ministry of Social Security authorized the continuation of online medical expertise for an indefinite period.

In what situations is it possible to carry out the examination online?

Online medical examination is recommended in two specific situations: when a doctor suggests a leave of up to 180 days or when there is already a schedule for an in-person examination, but the insured person prefers to opt for the online modality.

To do this, simply call number 135 and follow the instructions, without the need to reschedule. It is a quick, easy and completely safe process.

Medical report requirements for the INSS online examination

For online expertise to be effective, the medical report must contain crucial information, such as:

Full name of the insured person Date of issuance of the document (not more than 90 days from the date of application) Detailed diagnosis or ICD (International Classification of Diseases) Signature and identification of the issuing professional, including name and registration with the class council Date of start of rest and deadline estimated for recovery

How to send the medical report via the Meu INSS app?

The process for sending the medical report through the Meu INSS app (to download the app, you can access is simple and intuitive. Check out the step by step below:

Access My INSS: Available both on the website and in the app for Android and iOS.Choose the option: Click on "Request Disability Benefit".Benefit selection: Choose "Temporary Disability Benefit (Sickness Benefit)".Fill out the form : Enter your personal data and relevant medical information. Attach documents: Include exams, certificates and other necessary documents. Payment details: Enter how you want to receive the benefit.

If you already have an in-person examination scheduled and wish to switch to digital, contact 135 to adjust your request without needing a new appointment.

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Great news for policyholders!

Online medical expertise represents a major advance in the way the INSS offers its services, bringing more convenience and agility to policyholders.

By sending the medical report via the Meu INSS app, the process becomes more accessible, ensuring that the benefits reach those who really need them, without the need to face queues or delays.

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