find out everything about the withdrawal in 2024 for workers

What is the value of the new minimum wage in February 2024? Readjustment already leaves Brazilians full of doubts, solve your questions!

February 2024 comes with shocking news for Brazilian workers: the announcement of the new minimum wage. The change, in addition to reconfiguring the country’s economic dynamics, also directly affects the withdrawals of millions of workers.

In the guide below, our objective is to show all the details of this development and understand how it affects you, the worker, who seeks to make the most of the benefits available.

Everything about the new minimum wage in February! Credit: plasticaxe.

The importance of the minimum wage

In Brazilian society, the minimum wage is more than a number on paper; It is the economic basis for millions of citizens.

The salary floor defines the minimum acceptable standard of living, influencing everything from salaries to government benefits, such as PIS/Pasep. With the readjustment for 2024, there is a significant change that promises to impact the lives of many.

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Government confirms new minimum wage in February

That’s right: recently, to the joy of Brazilians, Lula confirmed the availability of a new minimum wage for the people. With this, the president fulfills his promise to readjust the floor always above inflation.

In 2023, the minimum wage was R$1,320. This year, on the other hand, the value guaranteed a considerable adjustment, increasing to R$1,412. The new value, of course, is already a reason for celebration among workers.

Increase in the value of PIS/Pasep

With the increase in the minimum wage to R$1,412, the PIS/Pasep value was also adjusted, benefiting workers under the CLT regime.

The adjustment means an increase of 8.4% compared to the 2023 value, representing a significant improvement in workers’ purchasing power.

How to get the Salary Bonus?

To withdraw the benefit, workers must pay attention to the payment schedule and go to a Caixa or Banco do Brasil bank branch. It is essential to have documentation or a bank card to make the withdrawal.

It is also possible to withdraw PIS through the Caixa Tem application. Simply register on the platform and follow the app’s instructions to make the request and guarantee the withdrawal.

Payments are scheduled according to the worker’s month of birth or final registration number. This ensures an orderly and efficient distribution of resources, avoiding crowds and delays at bank branches.

Payment of PIS/Pasep for 2024 begins on February 15th and continues until August 15th, following the worker’s date of birth (PIS) or registration number (Pasep).

The amounts will be available until December 27, 2024, ensuring that all beneficiaries have enough time to make their withdrawals.

To make everything more practical, we will show the complete calendar. Firstly, we have the PIS dates:

Born in January – February 15th Born in February – March 15th Born in March – April 15th Born in April – April 15th Born in May – May 15th Born in June – May 15th Born in July – June 17th Born in August – June 17th Born in September – July 15th Born in October – July 15th Born in November – August 15th Born in December – August 15th

Now, see the calendar for public employees who receive Pasep:

End of registration 0 – 15 FebruaryEnd of registration 1 – 15 MarchRegistration ends 2 and 3 – April 15Registration ends 4 and 5 – May 15Registration ends 6 and 7 – June 17Registration end 8 – 15 JulyEnd of registration 9 – 15 August

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Excellent news for workers!

The increase in the minimum wage and the consequent change in the PIS/Pasep value in February 2024 is news that brings a mix of relief and expectation for Brazilian workers.

But not only that! The measure is also an important step towards a fairer and more balanced economy, where each worker is valued and has access to the resources necessary for a dignified life.

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