Find out everything about the salary adjustment for INSS retirees in 2024

Everything about the adjustment of INSS pensions in 2024: find out how the changes will affect your benefits and the new ceiling established.

At the beginning of 2024, news of great relevance to Brazilians took the spotlight: the adjustment in the salaries of retirees and pensioners from the National Social Security Institute (INSS). This announcement is eagerly awaited every year, as it directly impacts the lives of millions of Brazilians who depend on these payments for their livelihood.

In this article, we will explore in detail the information about the salary adjustment for INSS retirees in 2024. You will be aware of the changes in values, understand how the adjustments are calculated and learn about the new ceiling established by the INSS. In addition, we will provide important information about payment dates, allowing you to plan accordingly.

Understand the adjustment in the salaries of INSS retirees in 2024 and how this will influence your finances in the new year. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

The salary adjustment in 2024

To begin with, it is important to highlight that the adjustment in retirees’ salaries in 2024 takes into account several factors, the main ones being inflation and the new national salary floor. These elements are crucial in determining the increase in social security benefits and ensuring that they do not lose their purchasing power over time.

Brazilians await the adjustments with great expectation, especially for those who depend exclusively on these amounts for their monthly livelihood. They represent the necessary correction to keep up with the increase in the cost of living in Brazil.

Detailing the readjustment

The adjustments for retirees who receive the INSS minimum had already been announced previously. For these beneficiaries, the good news is that they will have their salaries adjusted to match the new minimum wage established in 2024. However, the situation changes for those who receive above this amount.

For retirees who earn more than the minimum wage, the adjustment will be 3.71%. Although this increase is important, it displeased many beneficiaries, as it represents a variation of only 4.53%. This is the lowest rate since 1995, when the Real Plan was implemented

Financial impact and Income Tax

It is essential that retirees understand the financial impact of these adjustments. Furthermore, you need to be aware that the benefits will still be subject to Income Tax deductions, unless the retiree or pensioner is entitled to exemption. Therefore, it is essential to consider these aspects when planning your personal finances for the year 2024.

New INSS ceiling

Another relevant information for retirees and pensioners is the new INSS ceiling. This amount represents the maximum limit that the Institute pays in terms of retirement or pension. In 2024, the ceiling will be R$7,786.01, an increase of R$278.52 compared to the previous year’s ceiling, which was R$7,507.49. This change will directly impact those receiving higher benefits.

INSS payment dates in 2024

Finally, in addition to adjustments to benefit values, it is also important to pay attention to the INSS payment dates in January and February 2024. For those who receive a minimum wage, deposits will be made according to the end of the benefit, as per the following schedule:

Ending 1: January 25th Ending 2: January 26th Ending 3: January 29th Ending 4: January 30th Ending 5: January 31st Ending 6: February 1st Ending 7: February 2nd Ending 8: February 5th Ending 9: February 6th Ending 0: February 7th February

Meanwhile, for those who earn above the salary minimum, payments will take place in February, following the following schedule:

Finals 1 and 6: February 1st Finals 2 and 7: February 2nd Finals 3 and 8: February 5th Finals 4 and 9: February 6th Finals 5 and 0: February 7

This information is crucial so that INSS beneficiaries can plan financially and ensure adequate receipt of their payments throughout 2024. It is essential to be informed about changes in social security benefits, as well as payment dates, for a efficient financial management.

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