Find out about the rights of workers with depression with the INSS

Workers with depression also have specific rights against the INSS. Check what they are and request them if necessary.

The National Social Security Institute (INSS) recognizes the reality of workers and, therefore, offers specific benefits to those who suffer from depression and are unable to work.

Like other diseases, it is a disabling comorbidity and, therefore, subject to benefits. Check which ones are available in this case.

Workers with depression can receive some specific INSS benefits. Check the list of rights! / Photo: publicity.

What benefits does INSS offer to those suffering from depression?

In principle, depression, a chronic psychiatric illness that affects emotional state and work capacity, is a serious condition and can be disabling.

In this sense, anyone suffering from depression may be entitled to two main INSS benefits: sickness benefit and disability retirement.

In short, sickness benefit is intended for those with temporary incapacity, while disability retirement applies in cases of permanent incapacity.

Despite this, both benefits require compliance with a grace period of 12 monthly contributions to the INSS.

There are exceptions to this rule, such as in cases of mental alienation or illnesses resulting from work.

Who is entitled to receive sickness benefit?

Firstly, to request sickness benefit, the insured must be contributing regularly to the INSS and be temporarily incapable of working.

After completing the necessary waiting period, the worker can schedule a medical examination to prove their condition and be entitled to the benefit.

Who is entitled to retire due to disability?

Then, disability retirement is granted to workers who are permanently unable to carry out their usual activities and are unable to rehabilitate themselves for another role.

To do this, it is necessary to prove the condition with medical documents and undergo an INSS medical examination.

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How to request INSS benefits for those with depression

To request any of the benefits, it is essential to gather the necessary documentation, such as medical reports, certificates and proof of treatment.

The request can be made by calling 135 or on the Meu INSS website, following the steps for scheduling the examination.

Step by step on My INSS

To request benefits through Meu INSS:

Access the website (and log in with CPF and password or create an account;Select the option ‘Schedule Expertise’, then ‘Initial Expertise’;Inform if you have medical documents and attach them;Fill in your contact details;Check the information and complete the order.

After finishing, all that remains is to wait for the concession.

What documents should I bring to prove depression?

To prove a mental illness to the INSS, it is necessary to present:

Personal documents; Work card; Proof of contribution; Medical reports; Leave requests; Medicine recipes; Exams; Certificates; Detailed report from the psychiatrist including the CID and period of leave.

All of these documents are extremely important when granting the benefit.

What other mental illnesses guarantee INSS benefits?

Finally, in addition to depression, other mental illnesses can also entitle you to INSS benefits, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, severe anxiety and psychotic disorders.

It is important to highlight that the INSS assesses the inability to work caused by the condition, not just the disease itself.

This means that all illnesses that cause the worker to be unable to work are eligible for benefits, subject to medical proof through an examination.

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