Fight between Amil, Unimed and NotreDame? Health plans are being displaced by THIS agreement

A new agreement is catching the attention of customers and overtaking competitors. Check out what this new development in the field of health plans is all about!

Imagine having a health plan that not only meets your needs, but is also nationally recognized for its excellence. In 2024, this became reality with the rise of Unimed Vales do Taquari e Rio Pardo (VTRP), displacing giants such as Unimed, Amil and NotreDame.

Achieving the highest average in the Supplementary Health Performance Index (IDSS) in 2023, Unimed VTRP now stands out as the best health plan in Brazil. In this article, we’ll explore what makes this plan unique and why it’s the ideal choice for thousands of beneficiaries.

Health plans have found a worthy competitor. Check out the news about a new dealership! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Revolution in healthcare: new plan displaces market giants in 2024

Unimed VTRP is not new to the supplementary health podium. It has already achieved the feat in previous years, such as 2012 and 2018, but IDSS 2023 marks the sixth consecutive time that it has achieved the maximum score in the main ANS evaluation index. The cooperative’s president, Neori Gusson, highlights this recognition as a reflection of the commitment to excellence and care for beneficiaries.

What makes Unimed VTRP stand out?

Unimed VTRP goes beyond conventional health services. Its approach is centered on comprehensive care, personalized attention and commitment to the community. This humanized vision of medical care is what differentiates Unimed VTRP from other operators.

Comparison with other health plans

While Unimed VTRP celebrates its success, other operators, such as Amil, NotreDame, Bradesco and SulAmérica, continue to compete to improve their positions. Comparing costs, Unimed starts with plans starting at R$112.61, while Amil and NotreDame Intermedica offer options starting at R$56.58 and R$55.44, respectively.

Consumer choice

What really matters when choosing a health plan is the balance between cost and quality of services. The rise of Unimed VTRP proves that excellence in service and customer satisfaction are the biggest differentiators in the sector. This serves as a reminder to providers that, in the end, what beneficiaries truly value is the quality of care they receive.

The future of health plans

This scenario reinforces a trend in the healthcare sector: the continuous search for innovation, quality of service and customer satisfaction. As health plans evolve, consumers’ expectations for services that truly meet their needs also grow.

In 2024, costs with corporate health plans in Brazil are expected to increase by an average of 14.1%, remaining close to the level of 14.4% observed in 2023. This increase is above the Latin American average, which is of 11.7% for the same period, with general inflation of 4.1%. This data was revealed by the report "Global Medical Trend Rates Report 2024", prepared by Aon, a British consultancy network.

The report, which brings together information from 113 countries, highlights that this increase is necessary to offset projected inflation in medical costs, considering the evolution of plan usage behavior and the costs of events such as exams, therapies and hospitalizations. Furthermore, the impact of incorporating new technologies and medicines is also a relevant factor.

Brazil presents high increase numbers when compared to Latin American and global averages. With the use of medical services returning to pre-pandemic levels, the indicators that impact medical costs are approaching those recorded before the pandemic period. The trend for 2024 continues to point to an upward trajectory, driven mainly by services such as exams, therapies and hospitalizations.

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