Fiat, Volkswagen and Toyota included

End of IPVA in sight? Check if your car is on the list of vehicles that will not need to pay tax in 2024! Updates are crucial.

For many vehicle owners, Motor Vehicle Ownership Tax (IPVA) is a constant concern.

But, for owners of certain older car models, 2024 brings relieving news: the end of IPVA!

So, who is entitled to tax exemption this year? In the guide below, we’ll explore this change and find out which Fiat, Volkswagen and Toyota cars are included in this exemption list.

END of IPVA for this list of cars in 2024: Fiat, Volks and Toyota included. Credit: plasticaxe.

The importance of IPVA

First of all, it is important to understand that IPVA is a Brazilian state tax that is levied on vehicle ownership.

The amount collected is used to finance various public expenses, including transport infrastructure. The exemption from this tax for certain vehicles is a measure that can ease the pockets of many owners.

End of IPVA for THESE cars in 2024

According to the AutoEsporte portal, some specific car models are being exempt from charging IPVA. The exemption is generally applied to models that left the factory more than 15 years ago, varying depending on the state.

For owners of these vehicles, this means significant savings, as they will no longer need to pay the annual tax.

Which models guarantee exemption? Full list

Among the models that will be exempt from IPVA, we have:

Chevrolet Corsa Maxx 1.8 2006 – R$ 19.863;Fiat Palio Weekend Adventure 1.8 2008 – R$ 25.428;Volkswagen Golf 1.6 2003 – R$ 26.571;Ford Ecosport XLT Freetyle 1.6 2008 – R$ 30.142;Toyota Corolla 1.8 XEI 2007 – R$ 36.510.

These cars, which have been manufactured for over 15 years, are practical examples of vehicles that will be free from the IPVA tax burden.

Benefits of IPVA exemption

For anyone thinking about purchasing a used car, this information is especially valuable. The IPVA exemption makes these models more attractive, both due to the lower initial cost and the annual tax savings.

The end of IPVA for these older cars is excellent news for many owners. In addition to representing direct savings, this exemption can also positively influence the used vehicle market, making certain models more desirable.

It is important, however, to check the specificities of each state in relation to the IPVA exemption, as there may be variations in the rules and deadlines.

End of IPVA is great news for several cars

The IPVA exemption for older cars from brands such as Fiat, Volkswagen and Toyota is a welcome relief for owners of these vehicles in 2024.

With this change, not only do they benefit financially, but they also have an added incentive to keep these older cars on the road. News that, without a doubt, brings a smile to the faces of many drivers across Brazil.

For more information, simply access your state’s Detran website.

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