Few people know, but it is not recommended to leave Wi-Fi on when leaving home; understand!

To preserve your internet signal, don’t leave Wi-Fi on when you leave home! We explain why technology experts do not recommend this practice.

Have you ever wondered if you should turn off your Wi-Fi when leaving home? Although many of us leave our Wi-Fi on all the time, this practice may not be the safest or most efficient.

In the article below, our goal is to show the main reasons why disabling Wi-Fi when leaving can be a smart choice for your digital security, privacy and even the health of your smartphone.

Few people know, but it is not recommended to leave Wi-Fi on when leaving home; understand! Credit: Reproduction

Why not leave the Wi-Fi on when you leave the house?

The main concern with always-on Wi-Fi is the security of your data. When walking down the street with Wi-Fi turned on, your phone can automatically connect to untrusted networks, exposing you to possible cyber attacks.

Public networks, while convenient, are fertile grounds for hackers who create fake access points to capture data from unsuspecting users.

Preventing unwanted tracking

When Wi-Fi is on, your phone transmits information such as your MAC address, which can be used to track your movements in stores or public spaces.

Therefore, turning off Wi-Fi increases your privacy by preventing third parties from monitoring your activities without your consent.

Battery saving

Keeping Wi-Fi on consumes extra battery, as the smartphone continues to actively search for signals to maintain a connection.

This is particularly true in urban areas where there are many networks available. Turning off Wi-Fi when not in use can significantly extend your device’s battery life.

Leaving Wi-Fi on when leaving home harms your cell phone

Finally, disabling Wi-Fi contributes to your smartphone’s overall performance. With fewer processes running in the background, such as constantly searching for a Wi-Fi network, the cell phone can operate more efficiently, providing a more agile and responsive user experience.

Therefore, if you want to increase the speed of your cell phone while you are on the street, turning off Wi-Fi is one of the best tips.

5 tips to preserve the health of your Wi-Fi modem

Now that you know why it is not recommended to leave Wi-Fi on on your smartphone when leaving home, check out 5 additional tips below to preserve the health of your internet modem and make it last longer:

Proper location: Position your modem in a central location, away from walls and obstacles, to distribute the signal evenly and prevent overheating. Avoid overlapping equipment: Keep the modem away from other electronic devices to reduce interference and improve efficiency. Regular cleaning : Remove dust accumulated on the modem and its ventilation openings to ensure air circulation and prevent overheating.Software updates: Keep the modem’s firmware up to date to ensure security, bug fixes, and better performance.Restart is required: Restart your modem periodically (for example, once a month) to clear memory and resolve performance issues.

Security and efficiency on your cell phone

Turning off Wi-Fi when leaving home is a simple change of habit, but it brings significant benefits to your data security, privacy, battery life and cell phone performance.

Practices like this are essential in the digital age, where the protection of personal information and the efficient use of technology are increasingly important.

So next time you go out, remember to give your Wi-Fi a break – your smartphone and your privacy will thank you! In the video below, you can check out other tips to improve the potential of your cell phone:

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