Extraordinary Correios auction has more than 80 thousand items; offers start at R$ 10.6 thousand

Take part in the Correios auction with more than 80 thousand items starting at R$ 10.6 thousand. Find unique opportunities in a surprising variety of products!

The Postal Service is hosting an event that is sure to attract the attention of deal hunters and auction enthusiasts across the country.

With an impressive collection of 86,300 items, this electronic auction offers a unique opportunity to purchase a wide variety of products at affordable prices.

From just R$10,600, interested parties can enter the competition for items ranging from clothing and household utensils to books, jewelry and various equipment.

Take advantage of the chance to win a new product through the Correios auction. (Photo: Disclosure).

Correios Auction: check out the diversity of featured products

This Post Office auction event is notable not only for its magnitude, but also for the diversity of the items on offer. With over 86,000 products up for grabs, attendees will find an astonishing selection that spans virtually every category imaginable. Whether you are a collector, a dealer looking for merchandise for resale, or simply someone looking for a unique opportunity, this auction offers a variety of exciting choices.

Bids open until January 16th

Potential buyers have until January 16th to carefully analyze the available lots and decide where they want to invest. It is important to note that the lots have varying minimum bid values, with the office items lot being the most affordable, with a minimum bid of R$10,695.34. On the other hand, the batch of equipment, which includes cameras and sewing machines, has the highest initial bid, set at R$268,788.51.

The Correios auction takes place online and in São Paulo

Convenience is a feature of this auction, which allows interested parties to participate without leaving home, thanks to it being held online. The auction will begin at 2pm on January 16th, with proposals closing at 9am on the same day, Brasília time. This provides flexibility for participants who wish to purchase items from anywhere in the country.

For those who want a more personal approach, there is also the option of visiting the items in São Paulo, by prior arrangement. Visits can be scheduled by calling (11) 4313-8087 or by email, sent to spmclirefugo@correios.com.br. This allows interested buyers to inspect products closely before placing their bids.

Participation open to individuals and legal entities

Both individuals and legal entities have the opportunity to participate in this auction, as long as they meet the requirements established in the notice. Interested parties can submit bid proposals for one or more lots, taking into account the minimum values ​​stipulated for each category. Detailed information about minimum values ​​can be found on page 11 of the auction notice.

Auctioned items are considered scrap, meaning they have undergone unsuccessful delivery attempts, could not be returned to the sender, or were unclaimed by the recipient or sender. After the 90-day period established by the Consumer Protection Code for complaining about these items, they are put on sale, offering a new opportunity for those who wish to purchase them.

How to participate in the Correios auction

In short, auction no. 1030723 will take place online, through the Correios bidding website. To participate, interested parties must register at Banco do Brasil branches to obtain the identification key and personal password necessary to access the electronic bidding system.

This Correios auction represents a unique opportunity to purchase a variety of products at competitive prices. With a diverse catalog and affordable starting bids, participants have the chance to make excellent deals. This event will certainly attract a wide range of buyers looking for irresistible offers.

Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing quality products at attractive prices, don’t miss the chance to participate in this Correios electronic auction, where offers start at R$10,600. Explore the options available and take advantage of this unique opportunity to make great deals.

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