EXTRA payment, adjustment and 14th salary confirmed? Workers are already in PARTY

Check out our complete guide on extra payment and the other news already confirmed for workers in 2024! Professionals have several reasons to celebrate.

2024 arrived bringing a wave of positive news for workers in Brazil. Among the good news, the confirmation of an extra payment, a welcome adjustment and the expected news of the 14th salary stand out.

The changes bring significant relief and a reason to celebrate! To find out more about how payments work, and who can receive each one, there is no secret: just check out our guide below.

Check out more details about extra payment for workers! Credit: plasticaxe.

Minimum wage is important for Brazilians

Firstly, before we get into the updates that have already been confirmed by the Federal Government, it is important to clarify the importance of the minimum wage for Brazilians.

After all, the salary floor is crucial for all announcements made by the Federal Government. The value, it is worth remembering, serves to guarantee the basic subsistence of Brazilians, and is therefore updated frequently.

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Extra payment for workers is confirmed!

That’s right: the PIS/Pasep salary bonus, for the year 2024 (base year 2022), was made official by the Federal Government with an already defined payment schedule.

The extra pay is a breath of fresh air for workers who start the year hoping for financial relief.

It is worth noting that PIS payments are reserved for private sector workers, while Pasep payments cover all public employees.

Extra payment calendar: PIS 2024

Along with the announcement of the extra payment for workers, the Federal Government launched the complete PIS calendar in 2024. Here are the key dates to pay attention to, divided according to the workers’ birthday month:

January: 02/15/2024February: 03/15/2024March: 04/15/2024April: 04/15/2024May: 05/15/2024June: 05/15/2024July: 06/17/2024August: 06/17/2024September: 07/15/2024October: 07/15/2024November: 08/15/2024December: 08/15/2024

Adjustment in the minimum wage is also announced

In addition to the payment of PIS and Pasep, the adjustment of the minimum wage to R$1,412 is news that brings some relief to workers.

Previously, the value was R$1,320, and therefore, the adjustment was R$92. The increase is a step to help balance finances in the face of growing demands and the current economic scenario.

Has the 14th salary been confirmed?

Yes, the 14th salary has been confirmed and has already started to be paid to many Brazilians. In Bandeirantes, for example, Community Health and Endemic Disease Agents received this additional benefit.

Payment of the 14th salary, also known as Additional Financial Incentive (IFA), comes from the Federal Government, while resources for productivity are transferred by the state.

However, payment only takes place in some Brazilian cities. As a rule, workers do not receive their 14th salary, and the same can be said about INSS beneficiaries.

Victories for Brazilian workers

The changes announced by the Government bring financial resources and moral stimulus to formal Brazilian workers.

Therefore, the extra payment, the minimum wage adjustment and the 14th salary are measures that recognize the importance and contribution of workers to society and the economy.

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Take advantage of extra pay for workers!

The year 2024 begins with positive expectations for Brazilian workers. The extra PIS/Pasep payment, the increase in the minimum wage and the confirmation of the 14th salary are reasons to celebrate.

The measures are important steps to improve the quality of life of workers and boost the economy. Keep an eye out for other updates!

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