Extended holiday APPROVED for 2024; Workers will be able to take less than 15 days off

Get ready for the 2024 holidays! Discover the new laws that will bring extended rest to workers and find out how to make the most of your free time.

Workers and citizens are preparing to celebrate the passage of two unprecedented holiday laws. After all, this is a new opportunity for rest and leisure in 2024. One of these holidays is even extended, allowing everyone to enjoy some well-deserved free time.

In this article, we will not only explore these new laws, but also provide additional information to keep you updated on important dates this year.

Special holidays in sight! Discover the important dates of 2024, including a first-of-its-kind national holiday. (Photo: Disclosure).

Another holiday in Taubaté

The city of Taubaté, in the interior of São Paulo, is about to celebrate an additional municipal holiday on February 5, 2024. This date will become a new rest thanks to Bill 209/2022, which was proposed by Mayor José Saud (MDB) and awaits sanction from the Executive Branch. This change moves the city’s anniversary celebration date from December 5th to February 5th.

The justification for this change is that the city of Taubaté was officially recognized as a city on February 5th, no longer at the end of the year, as was previously celebrated. Furthermore, the coincidence of this new holiday with a Monday in 2024 makes it even more special, providing an extended holiday of three consecutive days for the city’s inhabitants.

Black Awareness Day as a national holiday

Another big change that will affect all of Brazil is the transformation of Black Awareness Day into a national holiday. This change occurred after the sanction of Law 14,759 by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, making November 20th a holiday throughout the country. Previously, this rest only occurred in some cities.

The measure recognizes the importance of celebrating and reflecting on Afro-Brazilian history and culture, as well as promoting awareness about the fight against racism and racial inequality. Now, all Brazilians will be able to enjoy an additional day of rest and reflection in the year 2024.

Upcoming featured breaks

In addition to the news mentioned, it is important to stay informed about other holidays and commemorative dates throughout 2024. The next national holiday is Good Friday, which will take place on March 29th. This day is part of Holy Week celebrations and provides an opportunity for people to gather in their communities and reflect on Easter.

Other national holidays include Labor Day on May 1st and Independence Day on September 7th. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that each state and municipality may have additional regional holidays throughout the year, so pay attention to local information so you don’t miss any opportunities for rest.

2024 promises to be a year full of opportunities for Brazilian workers and citizens to enjoy moments of leisure and reflection. With the passing of new holiday laws and the making of Black Awareness Day into a national holiday, there are many special days to look forward to. Be prepared to take advantage of these dates and create memorable moments with family and friends while enjoying some well-deserved rest.

Finally, stay up to date on local information so you don’t miss any additional holidays in your state or county and make the most of relaxation opportunities throughout the year.

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