exemption from these services has been DECREED!

Seniors can take advantage of another free service by right. Find out what it's all about and go after this new opportunity!

Have you heard about the latest achievement for the elderly in Brazil? The Committee for the Defense of the Rights of Elderly Persons of the Chamber of Deputies approved a bill that promises to bring significant relief to many. Now, elderly people and those with serious illnesses will have the right to free justice, a measure that ranges from court fees to lawyer fees.

Imagine the peace of mind and security this will provide to so many people. Let’s delve into the details of this news that is a true milestone in the fight for the rights of the elderly!

The elderly have just won another victory before the courts, which granted them another free service. Check out! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Big victory for seniors: free legal services are now a reality!

This change represents a true revolution in access to justice for the elderly. The bill modifies the Civil Procedure Code to extend free services to this significant portion of the population.

With this new regulation, elderly people and people with serious illnesses will no longer need to worry about the costs associated with legal proceedings, such as expenses for lawyers’ fees, expert witnesses and even DNA tests, when necessary.

Facilitating access to the right

Currently, any person, whether natural or legal, Brazilian or foreign, who proves insufficient resources is already entitled to free justice. With this new proposition, the elderly and people with serious illnesses will have this right guaranteed in an even more accessible and guaranteed way, without the need to prove insufficient resources.

It’s not final yet

It is important to highlight that the decision is not yet final. The project needs to be analyzed by the Finance and Taxation and Constitution and Justice and Citizenship committees. But initial approval is already a big step and a reason to celebrate!

Serious illnesses included

The project also specifies which serious illnesses guarantee free legal assistance. These include active tuberculosis, mental alienation, multiple sclerosis, malignant neoplasia, blindness, among others. This measure recognizes the difficulties faced by people with these conditions and seeks to offer more effective support.

Other free services for seniors

In addition to free legal services, elderly people in Brazil are entitled to other free services that are essential to guarantee their well-being and quality of life. Let's take a look at three more of these services:

Free public transport: according to the Elderly Statute, people aged 65 or over have the right to free urban and semi-urban public transport. To enjoy this benefit, it is generally necessary to present an identity document that proves your age. This measure facilitates the movement of elderly people, promoting greater autonomy and access to essential services; Health care: the Unified Health System (SUS) offers free and universal care to all Brazilians, including the elderly. This covers consultations, exams, hospitalizations, treatments and medications. Furthermore, there are specific programs for the health of the elderly, which aim to meet their particular needs, such as the Family Health Program (PSF) and the Comprehensive Health Assistance Program for the Elderly; Vaccination: the elderly are prioritized in national health campaigns. vaccination, such as the annual flu vaccination campaign. These vaccines are offered free of charge by the SUS and are essential to protect the elderly against diseases that may be more serious in this age group.

These services are vital to ensuring that older people live with dignity, safety and have their basic needs met. Free access to transport, quality healthcare and vaccination are fundamental rights that contribute significantly to the quality of life in old age.

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