everything you need to know about the INSS 13th salary

We have the complete INSS 13th salary calendar! All the dates that retirees and pensioners want to know are in the article below; check out!

The most anticipated time of the year is coming for INSS retirees and pensioners! Yes, we are talking about the 13th salary, that extra financial relief that brings a smile to the faces of many.

In this article, we will show you everything you need to know about this very important benefit. Get ready to receive this good news and plan the year with more peace of mind and joy.

Everything about the INSS 13th salary! Credit: plasticaxe.

Understanding the INSS 13th salary

In advance, it is important to understand what the INSS 13th salary is, so that we can explain the payment dates.

This benefit is an extra payment, released in two installments, intended for retirees and pensioners.

Typically, it works as an additional salary during the year, providing extra financial support during this period.

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Will the 13th INSS salary be brought forward in 2024?

This year, there are some important changes to note. According to information obtained, the 13th INSS salary will not be brought forward in 2024.

In recent years, due to the pandemic, this payment had been advanced for the first semester, but now it is returning to its regular schedule.

Income Tax Installments

INSS beneficiaries will receive their 13th salary in two installments. The first installment corresponds to 50% of the benefit, without discounts.

The second installment, also equivalent to 50%, will have an Income Tax discount for eligible taxpayers.

Attention! It is important to highlight that those who started receiving a social security benefit for less than a year will have the 13th paid proportionally. This detail is crucial for anyone who has recently retired or become a pensioner.

Another point of attention: the BPC (Continuous Payment Benefit) does not grant the right to the 13th salary. This is because the BPC is considered a welfare benefit, not a salary.

INSS 13th salary schedule – 2024

Now, let’s get to the point: when will you receive it? Without anticipation, the dates are for August and November. Payments will be made together with the common salary, following the usual INSS calendar.

For those who receive up to 1 minimum wage, the dates vary from 08/26 to 09/06, depending on the final benefit number. Now, for those who earn more than 1 minimum wage, the dates are from 02/09 to 06/09.

Below, we have the complete calendar for the 1st installment:

1 (26/08)2 (27/08)3 (28/08)4 (29/08)5 (30/08)6 (02/09)7 (03/09)8 (04/09)9 (05/09)0 (06/09)

For those who earn more than 1 minimum wage, the dates are as follows: 1 and 6 (02/09), 2 and 7 (03/09), 3 and 8 (04/09), 4 and 9 (05/09) , 5 and 0 (06/09).

2nd installment of the 13th INSS salary – 2024

The second installment follows a similar schedule, with payments for those who receive up to 1 minimum wage between 11/25 and 12/06, and for those who receive more than 1 minimum wage from 12/02 to 12/06. Below we have the dates for the first group:

1 (25/11)2 (26/11)3 (27/11)4 (28/11)5 (29/11)6 (02/12)7 (03/12)8 (04/12)9 (05/12)0 (06/12)

Finally, the dates of the 2nd installment for beneficiaries who receive up to the ceiling are as follows: 1 and 6 (02/12), 2 and 7 (03/12), 3 and 8 (04/12), 4 and 9 ( 05/12), 5 and 0 (06/12).

Who is entitled to extra remuneration?

It is essential to know who is entitled to the 13th salary. Included here:

INSS policyholders with temporary disability benefit; Accident benefit policyholders; Retirees; Beneficiaries of death pension or imprisonment benefit.

What is the value of the 13th INSS salary?

The INSS implemented significant adjustments in the minimum amount paid to retirees and pensioners. With the increase in the minimum wage in 2024, the values ​​of benefits that use the minimum salary as a reference were also impacted. The current minimum wage is R$1,412.

To avoid payment suspensions, it is essential that beneficiaries keep their registration information up to date. This practice ensures the continuity of benefits and avoids unnecessary setbacks.

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Pay attention to messages from the organization

It is crucial to always be aware of official information. Follow news and updates from trusted agencies to avoid misinformation and ensure you don’t miss payment dates.

The payment of the 13th salary is an important driver of consumption and, consequently, the economy.

It allows many retirees and pensioners to balance their accounts or make significant investments, benefiting everyone from small retailers to large companies. Ask your questions at www.meu.inss.gov.br.

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