END of service that has been running for many years at Nubank: you can now say goodbye!

Like some other banks, Nubank decreed the end of a service that was once very important for Brazilians. Check out!

Recently, Nubank announced that it would close, like other banks, a service that was once very popular.

It turns out that, over the years, some more functional alternatives ended up appearing. Understand what has changed!

If you used to use this Nubank service, it’s a good idea to say goodbye. Check out! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

End of a very important service

This is the end of the DOC (Credit Order Document) transfer service, which was for a long time one of the main ways to transfer money between bank accounts. However, why this change? Simple: the overwhelming success of PIX.

This revolutionary method, which allows instant transfers at any time and on any day, quickly gained favor among users. With PIX, transactions are faster, more efficient and available even on holidays!

Other transfer alternatives for Nubank customers

That said, with DOC saying goodbye, what are the alternatives for you, Nubank customer? See which options stand out:

PIX: the main protagonist of financial transfers in Brazil today. PIX allows instant transfers, at any time and day, including holidays. It is a free method offered by practically all banks and financial institutions. Its practicality and speed are unmatched; TED (Electronic Transfer Available): an option for transfers of larger amounts, TED is fast and efficient. Transactions are generally completed on the same day, as long as they are carried out within banking hours; EFT (Electronic Financial Transfer): ideal for moving funds between accounts at the same financial institution. The TEF is a free and practical alternative to internal transfers; Bank slips: although slower, bank slips are a safe alternative for payments and transfers. They are especially useful for commercial transactions or for sending money to those who do not have access to digital banks; Debit and credit cards: for online or in-person payments and purchases, cards continue to be a safe and widely accepted option; Payment apps and wallets digital: applications such as Mercado Pago, PicPay and others offer transfer options, bill payments and cell phone top-ups, often with promotions and additional benefits.

Each of these alternatives has its characteristics and benefits. The choice depends on the user’s specific needs, such as the urgency of the transfer, the amount to be transferred and the desired convenience.

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Changes to legal accounts

Nubank doesn’t stop there. It is launching an innovative functionality for legal accounts, allowing the transfer of the personal credit card limit to the business card.

This new feature, which will be implemented progressively, is a great advantage for the more than 3 million corporate account users, providing more efficient and robust financial management.

Why did DOC cease to exist at Nubank?

Developed in 1985 by the Central Bank, the DOC was initially intended for companies to pay benefits to employees.

However, with the evolution of banking services and the arrival of new technologies, such as PIX, DOC became less relevant not only at Nubank, but in all banks.

To give you an idea, in the first half of 2023, transactions via DOC represented just 0.05% of total financial transactions.

The end of an era

Ultimately, this moment marks a significant turning point in banking practices and reflects how technology is rapidly transforming the financial sector.

For us users, it is a reminder of the need to adapt and embrace the new tools that make our daily financial lives more efficient and secure.

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