Electricity bill with up to 90% OFF through Desenrola Brasil

How can I participate in the Federal Government's debt renegotiation program? We show you how you can guarantee a discount of up to 90% when paying your electricity bill at Desenrola Brasil!

Who can reduce their electricity bill by up to 90%? For Brazilians who are facing difficulties with debts on their energy bills, this possibility is within reach, thanks to the Desenrola Brasil program!

The Federal Government’s initiative, to the delight of Brazilians, was extended until the end of March. So you can understand how to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, offered by the Union, just check out our guide below!

See how to pay your electricity bill with a discount at Desenrola Brasl! Credit: plasticaxe.

What is Desenrola Brasil?

Desenrola Brasil is a federal government initiative, which aims to help consumers with debts of the most diverse types. In its new phase, the program also allows the renegotiation of water and energy debts.

The program offers a unique opportunity to renegotiate these debts with discounts of up to 90%. For the millions of Brazilians who are in debt to electricity companies, the extension of the program until March 31 is encouraging news.

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Benefits of renegotiation at Desenrola Brasil

Through the Desenrola Brasil program, you can renegotiate your electricity debts with significant advantages. We show the main strengths of the program below:

Discounts that can reach up to 90% of the amount due. Installment of the amount in up to 60 installments. Exemption from initial payment. Minimum installments of R$ 50, with the first due 30 days after negotiation. Debts of up to R$ 20 thousand per debtor can be negotiated.

Who can pay the electricity bill with a discount at Desenrola?

To qualify for this program, it is necessary to meet some criteria pre-established by the Federal Government. There are just three requirements; look:

Have an income of up to two minimum wages. Be registered in the Single Registry. Have negative debts between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2022.

Participating in Desenrola Brasil to pay electricity bills with a discount of up to 90% is simpler than you might think. The updated tutorial for the new phase of the program is below:

Access the Desenrola website (your registration on the platform. Check if your account has a silver or gold level (if you don’t have this level yet, click here to find out how to obtain it). Follow the instructions for renegotiation.

Remember, only customers who meet Desenrola Brasil’s criteria can participate in the renegotiation. Furthermore, the 90% discount, at least so far, is only offered to residents of the Federal District who are customers of the distributor Neoenergia.

And who doesn't qualify for Desenrola?

If you do not meet Desenrola Brasil’s criteria, there are still options to renegotiate your debts and pay your electricity bill at a discount.

You can, for example, get in direct contact with the electrical distributor in your region, and try to request a discount from the attendants.

From the same point of view, you can bet on the renegotiation markets at Serasa (www.serasa.com.br) and other credit bureaus.

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Unmissable opportunity for Brazilians

The Desenrola Brasil program is an invitation to ensure greater financial peace of mind and the chance to regain control over your finances.

Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of these benefits and give your economic life a new direction. This is the time to unwind your debts and light the path to a more promising future!

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