Elderly people have just received EXEMPTION from rent; check out all the details!

Have you ever imagined not having to pay rent, which is one of the bills that weighs the most on your pocket? Here’s how to get rid of it, if it’s in the rules!

In 2024, Brazilian seniors will receive encouraging news: in addition to the rent exemption, several other benefits have been confirmed, providing significant financial relief. The Statute of the Elderly, who turns 18, ensures a series of rights and advantages for people aged 60 or over, including tax exemptions and free essential services.

In this article, we will explore these benefits in detail, including how to access them and how they can positively impact the lives of seniors.

Seniors have just gained another incredible benefit: rent exemption in specific cases. See how to gain access! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Elderly rights: rent exemption and other benefits in 2024

One of the benefits most sought after by seniors is exemption from paying rent. According to the Elderly Statute, they have priority to acquire a property in public or government-subsidized housing programs. Furthermore, it is guaranteed by law that 3% of housing units are reserved for people over 60 years of age, with financing appropriate to their income.

Half price and leisure discounts

Seniors over 60 are entitled to discounts of at least 50% on tickets to artistic, cultural, sporting and leisure events. The federal government also offers the Meu INSS+ initiative, which provides a wide range of discounts on services and leisure activities for INSS retirees.

Free transport and special conditions

Seniors over 65 years of age are entitled to free public urban transport. Furthermore, in interstate public transport, it is mandatory to reserve two free spaces per vehicle for seniors with an income of up to two minimum wages, with additional discounts when these spaces are already occupied.

IPTU exemption

In some cities, elderly people may be exempt from IPTU (Urban Land Tax). The conditions for this exemption vary according to the age, property value and income of the elderly person. It is important to consult the local Treasury Department to find out more about the specific criteria.

Expanding rights: four additional benefits for seniors in 2024!

In addition to rent exemption, Brazilian seniors are entitled to a series of other benefits that aim to improve their quality of life and provide more dignity in their golden years. Here are three important additional benefits for citizens in 2024:

Priority health care: elderly people have the right to priority care in the public health system. This includes medical appointments, treatments and surgical procedures. In addition, seniors aged 60 and over have the right to free medication for chronic diseases through the SUS; Priority in legal proceedings: seniors aged over 60 have priority in the processing of legal proceedings. This means that your cases must be judged and executed before others, significantly reducing the waiting time for court decisions; Social security benefits: elderly people are entitled to social security benefits such as retirement and pensions. In addition, the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC) guarantees a minimum monthly wage for seniors aged 65 or over who live in poverty; Discount on public service tariffs: many Brazilian municipalities and states offer discounts on public service tariffs, such as water and electricity, for the elderly. This benefit is particularly important for seniors with limited income, as it helps reduce the cost of living and ensures access to essential services. To benefit from these discounts, it is generally necessary to register with the responsible body and prove eligibility, which may include age and income criteria.

These benefits are essential to ensure that citizens live with more comfort, security and dignity, recognizing the contribution they have made to society throughout their lives. It is essential that elderly people and their families are aware of these rights to ensure their full access and enjoyment.

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