Don't like math? Then these 5 colleges are for you!

Check out the 5 best colleges to do without math! These options are very promising, and in addition, they do not require knowledge of numbers, calculations and equations.

Choosing a higher education course can be a challenge, especially for those who don’t have an affinity for mathematics. But the good news is that there are several degree options where complex calculations are minimized or even non-existent.

If you’re one of those people who prefer to stay away from numbers, here are five college options that might be perfect for your style.

Discover 5 colleges that don’t require mathematics! Credit: Reproduction.

Why don’t many people like math?

Among the faculties that do not require calculations, the question arises: why do so many people have difficulty with mathematics?

For many, this is a barrier that seems insurmountable, full of formulas and abstract concepts that make no sense in their daily lives.

This perception may be the result of teaching methods that fail to connect the subject with the student’s reality, or even anxiety related to tests and exams, which ends up creating a psychological barrier in relation to the subject.

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Colleges without math: Marketing

The Marketing course, although it involves data analysis and presentation, has a more creative and strategic focus.

The mathematics in this course is more related to understanding campaign performance and measuring effectiveness, but it is not a major obstacle for those who are not fans of complex calculations.


In Psychology, the focus is the study of behavior and the human mind. This course requires dedication, with a lot of reading of scientific articles and books, but mathematical calculations are practically non-existent.

Therefore, if you are interested in understanding human motivations and helping people, this could be the ideal course.

Colleges without marketing: Journalism

For those who have a passion for writing and information, the Journalism course is an excellent choice. Mathematics is not a central component of this course.

Instead, the focus is on developing research, writing, and communication skills. However, it is important to remember that, currently, the area is quite saturated.

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts course is ideal for those who have a passion for art in its various forms, whether in performing arts, art history, painting, among others.

This course is perfect for those looking for an academic path away from numbers and close to artistic expression.

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Colleges without math: History

Finally, the History course is a classic choice for those who don’t like mathematics. This course delves into the study of the human past, without the need to deal with calculations or mathematical formulas.

Choosing one of these colleges means embracing your passions and skills while avoiding the complexity of numbers.

Remember, the most important thing when choosing a higher education course is finding something you enjoy and where you can thrive.

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