Does anyone with an electric bike need to get a driver's license? Understand the traffic rules for this vehicle!

The electric bicycle is becoming an increasingly popular vehicle, but does it require the issuance of its own driver’s license? Understand!

Are you thinking about adopting an electric bike for your daily commute? Excellent choice! Electric bicycles are gaining more and more space in Brazilian cities, providing a sustainable, efficient and fun means of transport. Find out if you need a driver’s license to use them.

If you have an electric bicycle, find out if you can drive it without needing an appropriate document. Check out! / Photo: publicity

After all, what is an electric bicycle?

First of all, it is important to understand what characterizes an electric bicycle. According to the National Traffic Council (CONTRAN), it is a vehicle with a nominal power of a maximum of 350 watts and which reaches a speed of up to 25 km/h.

In general, it is essential that this bicycle does not have an accelerator or motor with automatic activation, operating exclusively through the driver’s pedal.

Do I need to get my driver’s license to drive an electric bicycle?

Here’s some good news: to drive one of these you don’t need a National Driving License (CNH)!

That’s right, according to CONTRAN regulations, these bikes and self-propelled equipment, such as electric scooters, do not require a driver’s license, placement or specific documentation to be used on public roads.

What about ACC? Is it mandatory?

Furthermore, the CNH and ACC (Authorization to Drive Mopeds) are Brazilian documents to qualify drivers, but with different purposes.

In short, the CNH is more comprehensive, allowing you to drive cars, motorcycles and other vehicles, depending on the category (A, B, C, D, E).

ACC is specific to mopeds, two- or three-wheeled vehicles with up to 50cc and a maximum speed of 50 km/h.

While the CNH requires a more rigorous and comprehensive process to obtain, the ACC is simpler and more targeted, catering to those who only want to drive mopeds.

In other words: no, it is not necessary to have ACC to drive electric bicycles in Brazil.

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Although it is not necessary to have a driver’s license, electric bicycles must meet some standards and have mandatory equipment established by CONTRAN.

These standards aim to guarantee the safety of drivers and other users of public roads.

Some of the mandatory equipment includes a speed indicator, helmet, bell, night lights, rear-view mirror and tires in safe condition.

When is a driver’s license mandatory?

Furthermore, CONTRAN regulations also define different categories of vehicles and the license required to drive them.

As previously stated, for electric bicycles, category A licensing is not mandatory, as they fall into a specific classification.

However, a category A license is only mandatory to drive two-wheeled vehicles with a maximum speed above 50 km/h and power between 351 watts and 4000 watts, such as mopeds, very similar to motorcycles.

There are several models of electric bicycle

Overall, the vehicle market offers a variety of models to suit different audiences and needs.

Therefore, knowing these models can help users choose the electric bicycle that best suits their usage profile.

Some of the main categories include folding electric bikes, electric mountain bikes, electric speed bikes, and electric city bikes.

Sustainable means of transportation

Finally, riding an electric bicycle in Brazil is a great way to contribute to urban mobility and the environment, without the need for a driver’s license.

However, always remember to follow safety rules and use mandatory equipment.

With this information, you are ready to enjoy your bikes safely and in compliance with Brazilian legislation.

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