document already has a mandatory replacement, see how to request it today (12)

Will all Brazilians have to exchange their identity card for the CIN? We show all the details about the new document that decrees the end of the RG!

If you still keep your ID in your wallet, it’s time to get to know the new document that is replacing this classic Brazilian identification card. The National Identity Card (CIN), already being issued, promises to revolutionize the way we identify ourselves in Brazil.

But, after all, will all Brazilians be forced to exchange their traditional ID for the new replacement? In the guide below, we’ll dive right into the news and understand how you can obtain your new document.

Absolute end of ID card: document already has a mandatory replacement, see how to request it today (12). Credit: Pronatec

CIN is the end of RG throughout Brazil

As of last Thursday (11), all Brazilian states and the Federal District were required to issue the new CIN.

The replacement of the traditional ID has a clear objective: to unify records using the CPF as a single number.

This change aims to strengthen public security and reduce fraud, in addition to simplifying citizens’ lives. Now, with a single number, you will be identified in all government systems.

How does CIN make everything easier?

The new CIN, which began to be issued in July 2022 in Rio Grande do Sul, brings the practicality of having the CPF as a unique identification number.

The update eliminates the possibility of a person having up to 27 different records (one for each federative unit).

With this unification, the security of your documents increases, and information management becomes more efficient.

How much does issuing a CIN cost?

The first copy of the CIN and renewal will be offered free of charge. Furthermore, the CIN will be available in physical and digital versions. It is important to highlight that replacement with the new document is not mandatory.

The ID will remain valid until February 28, 2032. But why wait, if you can be ahead, with a safer and more practical document?

What is the validity of the CIN?

The validity of the new CIN varies depending on the citizen’s age group. For children between 0 and 12 years of age, the document is valid for 5 years.

Between 12 and 60 years old, the validity is 10 years. For people over 60 years of age, the validity is indefinite.

This differentiation ensures that the information is always up to date, especially for those undergoing growth and physical change.

How do I request the document that marks the end of the ID card?

Now that you know some of the main characteristics of the CIN, see below the complete step-by-step guide to requesting the new document:

Access your State’s identification website: Each state has a specific procedure for issuing the CIN. Access the website of your state’s civil identification agency.Gather the necessary documents: Normally, you will need to present your current ID, CPF and proof of residence.Schedule an appointment: Many states offer the possibility of scheduling the issuance of the CIN online.Show up to the place of issue: On the scheduled day and time, appear at the location with the documents in hand.

End of RG brings new era to Brazil

The end of the RG marks the beginning of a new era in civil identification in Brazil. With CIN, you will have a safer, more practical and unified document.

Adapting to this change is an important step for all citizens looking for more security and efficiency in their records. Don’t leave it until tomorrow: get informed and do your part in this national transformation.

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