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Did you know that a simple 50-cruzine coin can be worth R$200 at auctions? In some cases, the price reaches R$500! Know everything.

In forgotten drawers or old piggy banks, a little-recognized treasure may be hidden: a 50-cruzeiro coin that, in some situations, can be worth R$200 – and even more significant values.

This item, which went out of circulation decades ago, has become an object of desire in the world of numismatics, with collectors from different regions of the country looking for this example, according to official records.

50 Cruzeiro coins are worth a lot! Credit: Reproduction.

The history of Cruzeiro in Brazil

This monetary unit, for those who don’t know it, has seen several reforms and economic plans, being seen as a reflection of attempts to stabilize the Brazilian economy in periods marked by intense inflation and monetary challenges.

Cruzeiro, in its various incarnations, was witness to a country in constant search for growth and stability. Nowadays, coins of this type are worth a lot in the world of numismatics.

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Discover the 50 Cruzeiro coin that is worth a lot of money!

The 50-cruzeiro coin, which can be worth more than R$200 in auctions, negotiations and direct sales, is better known as "Bahian currency".

The nickname "moeda da Bahia" comes from the design stamped on its obverse, which pays homage to a typical female figure from Bahia, reflecting the rich culture and diversity of Brazil.

Launched during a turbulent period in the Brazilian economy, this currency not only circulated in times of uncontrolled inflation but also became a symbol of an era.

How to identify the 50 Cruzeiro coin?

The 50 Cruzeiro coin brings with it unique specifications that capture the attention of collectors. See the features below:

It was minted by the Casa da Moeda of Rio de Janeiro, with a diameter of 23.5mm and available in two different weights: 4.78 grams and 4.09 grams. Made of stainless steel, it features a smooth edge and a design that includes, in reverse, the face value surrounded by the sign ‘BRASIL’. The obverse is adorned by a representative drawing of a Bahian woman, with the date of minting next to it, the work of the artist Luciano Dias Araújo and the engraver Aldo Cascardo.

Below, we have a photo of the coin so you can identify it even more easily:

50 Cruzeiro coin that is worth a lot. Credit: Reproduction.

How are values ​​defined?

In the numismatic universe, the condition of a coin is crucial to determine its value. Coins are classified into:

MBC (Very Well Preserved): Maintains 70% of its original appearance, with homogeneous wear. Superb: Preserves at least 90% of the original details, with minimal signs of circulation. Die Cut: No signs of wear or handling, maintaining all coinage details intact, with no signs of cleaning or chemical treatment.

Is a 50-cruzine coin really worth R$200?

Yes! But not in all situations. The value of the 50 Cruzeiro coin varies depending on weight and numismatic classification.

To make everything more practical, we will show below the complete table of values ​​– which reach up to R$500!

50-cruzeiro coin from 1991 weighing 4.78 grams: MBC: R$3 – Superba: R$15 – Flor de Cunho: R$20050-cruzeiro coin from 1991 weighing 4.09 grams: MBC: R$ 5 – Superb: R$ 25 – Flor de Cnho: R$ 200Coin of 50 cruises from 1991 with 4.09 grams of weight and the horizontal reverse: MBC: R$ 50 – Superb: R$ 200 – Flor de mint: R$ 500

The small jewels of the past, now rediscovered, reveal a piece of Brazilian economic history, and also represent unique opportunities for collection aficionados.

So, if you have a copy at home, hurry up and sell it! Just watch the video below to understand how to do this:

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