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Protect yourself against unwanted telemarketing calls and discover how the ‘Do Not Disturb Me’ platform is gaining more users in 2023. Find out how to ensure peace in your communications!

In the increasingly connected world we live in, unwanted telemarketing calls and payday loan offers can become a real invasion of our lives.

But, fortunately, since July 2019, Brazilians have had a powerful tool to combat this nuisance: the "Don't Disturb Me" platform. And what’s even more exciting is that even in 2023, this platform is steadily growing, with a notable 8.8% increase in its user base throughout the year. Find out more below.

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Don’t Disturb Me: an ally against commercial harassment

The "Don't Disturb Me" platform was created with the specific purpose of protecting consumers from commercial harassment perpetrated by banks and telecommunications companies. Its function is to block unwanted calls from these sectors, ensuring that people can enjoy their telephone communications without being interrupted by intrusive offers and promotions.

Impressive growth in 2023

The year 2023 brought encouraging news for those who already use or wish to join the "Don't Disturb Me" platform. At the end of the year, the platform registered an increase of 8.8% in its user base, surpassing the mark of 12 million registered numbers. These impressive numbers reveal the growing demand for solutions that guarantee peace of mind in communications.

To scale this growth, approximately 974.9 thousand new numbers were added to the telephone base registered throughout the year, which corresponds to an average of 81.2 thousand daily registrations. This impressive statistic shows how the platform is becoming an essential ally for millions of Brazilians.

Regional highlights

It is interesting to note that the Federal District leads the proportion of numbers registered on the "Don't Perturbe" platform. With a surprising 8.2% of all DF numbers registered on the platform, residents of the federal capital demonstrate a strong willingness to protect themselves against unwanted calls.

On the other hand, in absolute numbers, São Paulo stands out as the state with the largest base of registered users. With an impressive total of 5.52 million registered phones, São Paulo represents 6.5% of the total active numbers in the region. This reinforces the relevance of the platform in one of the most populous states in Brazil.

How to use the Do Not Disturb Me platform

For those who wish to benefit from the number blocking offered by "Não Me Perturbe", the process is simple and accessible. Users can register directly on the platform’s official website or through the dedicated application. In addition, it is possible to seek assistance from Procons to register.

It is important to highlight that blocking takes place within 30 days after registration, ensuring a smoother experience free from unwanted interruptions in communications.

In summary, the "Don't Disturb Me" platform attracted a growing number of users in 2023, with an 8.8% increase in its registered base. This tool plays a fundamental role in protecting consumers against telemarketing calls and payroll loan offers. And, in this way, it provides peace and tranquility in the midst of an increasingly dynamic communications scenario.

Finally, with a simple and quick registration process, "Não Me Perturbe" remains a reliable ally for those who want to enjoy their communications without the unwanted interruptions that have become so common these days.

Therefore, if you have not yet joined this platform, it is time to consider this option to make your telephone communications smoother and free from unwanted disturbances.

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