discover the zodiac house of BBB 24 competitors

If you’ve been following the BBB this year, you were probably curious about the participants’ signs. Come check!

Big Brother Brasil 24 is already stirring viewers’ emotions, and, as usual, the diversity among the participants is remarkable. As we engage with the stories that unfold in Brazil’s most watched house, it’s natural to wonder how astrology can shed light on the dynamics and relationships within the show.

In this article, we will delve into the astrological characteristics of each participant, revealing how zodiac signs can play an important role in the dynamics of BBB 24.

By understanding the typical traits of each sign, we can anticipate how brothers and sisters can relate, compete and stand out in the house, providing a fascinating insight into what we can expect from this season.

Let’s explore the influence of signs and the astrological connections that will shape the game and the emotions of the participants throughout the reality show.

Do you already have your favorite on BBB? Discover the signs of the house participants and see if they match yours! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Discover the signs of the BBB 24 participants: astrological connections on the reality show

If you’re following BBB this year, you were probably curious to know the participants’ star signs, right? See below!


Firstly, Pisces are empathetic and can be listeners and supporters of their confinement colleagues. They are in the majority this year, represented by Alane, Giovanna, Lucas Luigi, Ráculo and Rodriguinho.


Tauruses are known for their stubbornness and appreciation for luxury. They can resist pressure and seek comfort in the home. The brothers who represent the sign are: Beatriz, Deniziane and Marcus Vinícius.


Now, Leos love to be the center of attention and can shine at tests and parties, especially if they become leaders. At BBB, they are Davi, Giovanna Pitel and Juninho.


Cancerians are sensitive and connected to their family. They can be the group’s advisors and will seek emotional comfort. The Cancerians of the moment are Fernanda and Leidy Elin.


Sagittarians are adventurous and can bring an optimistic energy to the group, generating many memes and VTs. The representatives of the sign are Isabelle, Lucas Pizane and Vinícius Rodrigues.


Aquarians are unique and can bring innovation to life. Here, those representing the natives are Lucas Henrique and the first eliminated, Maycon.


Scorpios are intense and strategic. They can form powerful alliances, but also create rivalries. So we can expect this from Mc Bin Laden and Michel.


Librans seek balance and can be mediators in conflicts in the house. Does Nizam represent this sign well within the house?


Furthermore, Virgos are detail-oriented and observant. They can identify strategies and details that others might miss. The only one in the edition is Thalyta.


Next, Capricorns are focused on goals and can be strategists, thinking only about the game, with well-calculated plans. Is Wanessa Camargo standing out in this way?


Finally, Geminis are communicative and versatile. They can form bonds quickly but also be emotionally unstable. The people who represent this sign in the house are Matteus and Yasmin Brunet.

Wall formed: see who is in the spotlight this week

The wall is always one of the most exciting and tense moments of Big Brother Brasil, and BBB 24 is no exception. This week, the nominees are Beatriz, Davi and Pizane, and the competition promises to be fierce. Each of these participants has their own trajectory on the show and has garnered both fervent supporters and critics over the past few weeks.

Beatriz, with her extroverted personality and charismatic manner, won many fans inside and outside the house. She stood out in tests and parties, becoming a central figure in the dynamics of the reality show. On the other hand, her assertiveness also placed her in conflict situations, which generated some rivalries.

Davi, in turn, is a strategic participant and observer. His more reserved stance helped him navigate relationships and alliances in the game. However, this same discretion may have raised suspicions about his intentions, which puts him in a delicate place on the wall.

Pizane, with his genuine and spontaneous personality, won over the public with his authenticity. His ability to emotionally connect with his fellow inmates also generated empathy among viewers. However, she faced challenges and moments of tension along the journey.

Now, the decision of who will remain in the house is in the hands of viewers, who can vote through Gshow. The BBB 24 wall promises to be a battle of popularity and strategy, and the anxiety of participants and fans only increases as the elimination date approaches. You to stay in

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