Discount on IPVA payment has a deadline; see how to pay just 90% of the tax

Save 10% on IPVA: Find out how to guarantee the discount until February 29th and keep your finances up to date.

The Motor Vehicle Ownership Tax (IPVA) is an annual commitment that vehicle owners must comply with. And good news for taxpayers: it is possible to save up to 10% on paying this tax, as long as you take advantage of the discount in a single installment, whose deadline is February 29th.

Don’t miss the deadline! 10% discount on IPVA 2024 valid until February 29th. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How the 10% IPVA discount works

First of all, it is worth saying that the 10% discount on IPVA is an opportunity for vehicle owners to save money when paying this mandatory tax. To be entitled to this benefit, simply pay in a single installment by February 29, 2024. Furthermore, it is worth noting that this rule applies to all vehicles, regardless of license plate.

If you miss the payment deadline in a single installment, you can still pay the IPVA, but without the discount. In this case, the option is to divide the amount into up to three installments, following the maturity calendar established by Sefaz. However, the advantage of paying in cash is clear, as you save 10% of the total tax amount.

Pay attention to the due date of the first installment and the Licensing

To avoid inconvenience and possible penalties for late payment of IPVA, it is essential to pay attention to due dates. The first installment of IPVA for vehicles with final license plate 1 expires on January 31st. In addition, the Licensing must also be paid by March 28, the same date as the single installment payment, but without the discount.

The secretary of Sefaz, Manoel Sueide Freitas, highlights the importance of keeping the IPVA up to date to avoid problems in the event of inspection. He also highlights that the process for issuing collection notes is quite simple, available via the Internet, reducing bureaucracy for vehicle owners.

How to pay IPVA 2024

To pay IPVA 2024 with a 10% discount, simply access the Sefaz ( or Detran-RR () website. There, you will find the corresponding bill; just fill it in with the license plate information and Renavam of your vehicle.

Payment can be made in a single installment or divided into three installments, as long as the due dates established in the Ordinance are respected. It is important to remember that, for vehicles exempt from IPVA, the due date for the Licensing will be the same due date for the 3rd Quota or Single Quota of IPVA.

Don’t miss the opportunity to save 10% on your IPVA payment. Pay attention to the deadline and guarantee this benefit, easing your pocket and keeping your obligations up to date. Remember that complying with tax responsibilities is essential to avoid future problems and ensure smooth driving of your vehicle.

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