Discount of up to 90% on debts: Serasa CONFIRMED!

Have you ever thought about paying off all your debts with up to 90% discount? With renegotiation at Serasa, you can do this! Check out more details below.

Serasa, one of the main credit analysis companies in Brazil, brought extraordinary news to millions of Brazilians facing financial difficulties.

In an innovative initiative, the company announced discounts that can reach 90% on the amount of debts, offering a path to financial regularization and significant relief for citizens’ budgets.

So, how to renegotiate debts? In this regard, there is no secret: just follow the tips we will show you below.

Discount of up to 90% on debts: Serasa CONFIRMED! Credit: Pronatec.

Serasa's operations in Brazil

In Brazil, Serasa plays a crucial role in the credit system, acting as an intermediary between creditors and debtors.

With this new initiative, Serasa reaffirms its commitment to helping reduce defaults in the country and contributing to the financial health of Brazilians.

This action is in line with the Brazilian government’s efforts to boost the economy and strengthen the credit sector.

Serasa offers discounts of up to 90% on debts

Serasa is promoting a substantial reduction in debts, with discounts that can reach up to 90% of the original value.

The initiative is the result of a strategic partnership between Serasa and several creditor companies, seeking to offer more favorable conditions so that consumers can pay off their debts.

What debts can be negotiated?

The discounts apply to a wide variety of debts, including basic utility bills, such as electricity and water, as well as debts with banks, credit cards, loans, financing and other services.

The flexibility already confirmed by the credit bureau allows a large number of consumers to benefit from the initiative.

To renegotiate debts and take advantage of discounts, consumers must access the Serasa online platform (

The process is simplified and intuitive, allowing users to view their debts and choose the best negotiation options offered by creditors.

The steps include: accessing the website, viewing the debts, choosing the negotiation option and defining the payment method, whether in cash or in installments.

Measure has a major impact on the economy

This Serasa initiative has significant potential to positively impact the Brazilian economy, reducing the default rate and allowing more people to have access to credit in the future.

For consumers, it represents an opportunity for financial relief and an important step towards restructuring their finances.

Don’t miss the opportunity to organize your finances

Serasa’s announcement of discounts of up to 90% on debts is excellent news for Brazilians looking for a solution to their financial problems.

This initiative not only alleviates the burden of debt, but also represents an important step towards the financial recovery of individuals and the revitalization of the national economy.

With this opportunity, Serasa demonstrates its commitment to supporting Brazilians in achieving more solid financial health. Find out more on the official website

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