Didn't understand your grade in SiSu 2024? Learn how to do the calculation and UNDERSTAND!

The process has barely started, and it is already full of controversies! Students complain about errors in their Sisu 2024 grade; Check out how to calculate the cutoff and see the MEC’s ​​reaction.

The 2024 Unified Selection System (SiSu) brought some new features and, with them, doubts about how cut-off scores are calculated. If you’re confused about your SiSu rating, don’t worry!

In the article below, we will show you how cut-off scores are calculated and how you can better understand your position in the selection process! Read very carefully to get into Higher Education.

See how to calculate your Sisu score in 2024! Credit: plasticaxe.

How does Sisu 2024 work?

SiSu is a program from the Ministry of Education (MEC) that selects students for places at public universities. To participate, you must have taken the most recent edition of the National High School Exam (Enem) and obtained a grade above zero in the essay.

During the registration process, students can choose up to two courses of interest and change these options as many times as they want until registration closes.

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How are Sisu grades calculated?

Cut-off scores are calculated daily during the registration period, based on the number of vacancies and the performance of candidates registered up to that point.

The cut-off score for each course corresponds to the score of the last candidate within the number of available places.

For example: if a course has 5 places and candidates have grades of 89, 87, 84, 83, and 82, the cutoff grade will be 82, corresponding to the grade of the fifth candidate.

It is worth mentioning that daily updates to the cut-off scores may cause some candidates to move up or down in some places. This generated doubts and complaints on social media, with candidates questioning the definition of grades by the system.

Candidates complain about error in Sisu 2024

Candidates participating in the Unified Selection System (Sisu) reported an error that persisted from Tuesday (23) until Wednesday.

The error indicated that candidates with enough grades to pass their first course option were being temporarily classified for the second option, something that should not have occurred.

This problem also affected those who were below the cut-off score, as the system did not show the candidate’s position on the waiting list, creating uncertainty about whether they should change courses or try the waiting list after registrations ended.

MEC comments on the failure

Student Victória Anne Almeida, 23 years old, from Recife, noticed the error in her boyfriend’s registration and commented on the difficulty that the problem represents for candidates’ decision-making.

The Ministry of Education (MEC) reported that it detected the problems, which were described as ‘punctual’, and that adjustments were made so that the system operated normally.

"The MEC team continues to work on-call to ensure the transparency and normality of the selection process, ensuring that no applicant will be harmed," commented the MEC in an official press release.

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Crucial tip to do well at Sisu

It is important to check the cutoff score for the chosen courses daily, as it can increase or decrease over the days. Additionally, be aware of the course waiting list and consider changing your course choice if necessary.

Understanding how SiSu cutoffs work is crucial to assess your chances of classification and make informed decisions during the application process.

We hope this guide has clarified your doubts and helped you better understand your position in SiSu 2024. Good luck with your choices and registrations!

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