Did you receive a VERY SERIOUS, SERIOUS or AVERAGE FINE in 2023? Find out if you are at risk of losing your driver's license in 2024

Getting a fine can cause you to end up losing your driver’s license over time. Understand how this happens and what to do to overcome the situation!

Have you, a conscientious driver, ever wondered how the validity of a very serious fine works? Well, this topic is more relevant than it seems and can directly affect your license.

Very serious fines are not only a financial concern, but they also impact your driver’s license score and the possibility of suspension of your right to drive. Understand what risks you run!

Did you receive a very serious fine or commit several infractions? See if this could make you lose your driver’s license! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

How do I know the value of each fine in Brazil?

Firstly, in Brazil, traffic fines are categorized into four levels, with varying amounts and scores:

Light fines cost R$88.38 and add three points to the driver’s license; Then, the medium fines, which are a little more serious, have a value of R$ 130.16 and result in four points on the license; Serious fines cost R$ 195.23 and carry five points; Finally, the very serious fines are the most serious, with a base value of R$293.47 and seven points on the driver’s license.

Furthermore, the accumulation of points on your license is an important factor, as reaching 20 points in a period of 12 months can lead to the suspension of your right to drive.

Therefore, it is essential for drivers to be aware of traffic rules to avoid fines and maintain safety on the roads.

Very serious fines: what they are and how they work

Very serious fines, as defined by the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB), are those infractions that represent a high risk to traffic safety.

These include, for example, acts such as driving under the influence of alcohol, racing or not stopping the vehicle before crossing a railway line.

Each very serious infraction adds seven points to the driver’s license and can result in significant fines, varying according to the severity of the act.

Expiration of very serious fines

Many drivers have doubts about the expiration of very serious fines. It is important to know that the points related to these infractions are valid for 12 months.

After this period, they expire and are no longer considered in the total CNH points count. In other words, if you do not commit new infractions that accumulate 20 points or more within a 12-month period, you will avoid suspension of your driver’s license.

Values ​​and penalties

Although very serious fines have a base value of R$293.47, they can be multiplied in specific cases, reaching high values.

It is crucial to remember that, regardless of the points expiring, the financial penalty of the fine must be paid. Failure to regularize this debt may generate other legal and administrative problems.

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What happens if I don’t pay the fine?

Not paying traffic fines in Brazil leads to a series of negative consequences for the driver.

Initially, the unpaid infraction generates interest and a fine for late payment, increasing the amount owed. Furthermore, the unpaid debt can be included in the Active Debt, which leads to the possibility of judicial collection, including tax enforcement with seizure of assets.

Another important aspect is the restriction on the process of renewing the National Driving License (CNH) and on the annual licensing of the vehicle, as it is not possible to carry out these procedures with open infractions. This may result in the vehicle being seized during a traffic stop, as well as a fine and additional points for driving an unlicensed vehicle.

Finally, the vehicle owner’s name may be negative in credit protection services, affecting their ability to obtain credit in the market. Therefore, it is essential to regularize infractions to avoid these complications.

Expert Tips

To avoid losing your license and not having to pay the fine, it is possible to request the cancellation of the infraction notice through appeals. Defending yourself is a constitutional right, and it is possible to appeal any infraction, whether light, medium, serious or very serious.

The process involves presenting a technical defense in the appeals courts, and it is possible to seek help from experts on the subject.

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