Did you know that there are 'Custom ChatGPTs'? Check out all available in the store and how to use them

ChatGPTs can be very useful for people who want to study, work and even answer questions on a daily basis. See some options to use!

Have you heard of the GPT Store? This new concept has been revolutionizing the world of Artificial Intelligence, offering an innovative platform where ChatGPT Plus subscribers can buy and sell customized versions of the famous ChatGPTs.

This new feature represents a significant leap in the field of AI, making chatbot customization a reality accessible to everyone. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of the GPT Store, discovering how it works and what makes this service so special.

If you want to use ChatGPTs on a daily basis, discover some interesting options to get started! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Revolution in AI: discover the GPT Store and how it transforms the universe of personalized ChatGPTs!

The GPT Store (is a virtual store launched by OpenAI, aimed at selling personalized versions of ChatGPT. With 3 million customized AI tools already in existence, the proposal is for these to be sold directly on the platform. The store is accessible via the web and apps for Android and iOS, offering a variety of ChatGPTs tailored to diverse needs and interests.

Easy and intuitive customization

Creating ChatGPTs: ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise subscribers can create and market their own customized versions of ChatGPT. It is not necessary to be a programming expert; the platform provides an intuitive way to configure the new tool, defining its functionalities and behavior patterns; GPT Builder: using the GPT Builder, users can provide configuration guidance to generate a new ChatGPT. After formatting, you can publish the bot and make it available to other subscribers.

Advanced Features of Custom ChatGPTs

GPT-4 based models: Custom GPTs are based on OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model and can incorporate all features available in ChatGPT Plus;Additional functionalities: can enable real-time web browsing, incorporate images through DALL-E and add extra functions using third-party tools.

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ChatGPTs Marketplace on the GPT Store

Diversity of ChatGPTs: in the official store, subscribers have access to a variety of customized tools, classified by thematic categories such as education, lifestyle and productivity; Examples of ChatGPTs: among the available GPTs, virtual assistants focused on programming, design of Canva content, personalized tracks and academic research.

Main features of ChatGPT

ChatGPT, an innovation in the field of artificial intelligence, offers a diverse range of functionalities that expand the boundaries of human-machine interaction. Here are some of its main capabilities:

1. Answering complex questions

Versatility: ChatGPT can answer a wide variety of questions, from trivial to technical and complex questions; Contextual understanding: it understands and responds based on the context provided, ensuring relevant and accurate answers.

2. Writing and editing texts

Content creation: able to write articles, stories, poems and even specific content such as scripts and programming codes; Review and editing: offers editing and improvement suggestions for texts provided, improving the quality and cohesion of the content.

3. Learning and mentoring

Explanation of concepts: explains complex concepts in simple terms, making it a useful tool for learning and research; Personalized tutoring: can act as a virtual tutor, helping with educational tasks and answering study-specific questions.

4. Decision support

Critical analysis: capable of providing analysis and perspectives on various topics, helping to make informed decisions; Idea generation: helping to generate ideas and creative solutions to various problems.

5. Natural Language Interaction

Fluent dialogue: interact in natural language, making conversations as fluid and natural as possible; Multiple languages: offers support in multiple languages, making it easier to interact with users from different parts of the world.

6. Programming and Web Development

Code generation: assists in generating codes and scripts for developers, simplifying the programming process; IT troubleshooting: provides solutions to technical and IT issues, helping professionals in the field.

7. Business applications

Data analysis: offers insights through the analysis of large volumes of data, making it a valuable tool for businesses;Customer support: can be configured to provide automated customer support, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

8. Personalized assistance

Organization and reminders: helps with organizing calendars, reminders and time management;Advice and suggestions: provides advice and suggestions for everyday issues, from health and well-being to lifestyle choices.

These features make ChatGPT a multifaceted tool, capable of meeting a wide range of needs and interests. Whether for professional, educational or entertainment purposes, ChatGPT stands out as an intelligent and adaptable virtual assistant.

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