Decree released TODAY hits Uber and 99: check it out!

The hammer has been hammered, and the new decree is expected to profoundly affect the lives of Uber and 99 drivers! The same can be said about app users; check out more details!

In a surprising turn of events that will significantly impact the private transportation industry, a new decree was released today, directly affecting the operations of giants Uber and 99.

The decree, announced on Globo’s Bom Dia Brasil program by Ana Paula Araújo, brings important and necessary changes, especially considering consumer demands. Lost the newspaper? Do not freak out! We show everything that was said in our article.

Everything about the new decree for Uber and 99 drivers! Credit: plasticaxe.

The transport app revolution

Transport applications, such as Uber and 99, have revolutionized urban mobility. They have brought convenience, efficiency and a new dynamic to private transport.

With just a few clicks, users can request a vehicle that meets their specific needs, whether for a quick trip around town or a longer commute.

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New decree directly impacts Uber and 99

The government of Rio de Janeiro made a decision that profoundly affects the operation of the companies Uber and 99.

According to information released by Ana Paula Araújo, it was prohibited for the transport app to charge an extra fee for the use of air conditioning.

The decision was published in the Official State Gazette, stipulating that the only exception is when not using air conditioning is the passenger’s choice.

Drivers must offer air conditioning to customers

With the new resolution, applications must clarify, when requesting a car, whether or not the vehicle has air conditioning.

If the car does not have one or the device is broken, the application will be forced to suspend the circulation of that vehicle. The measure aims to ensure transparency and prevent customers from feeling deceived.

Why did the Government issue the decree for Uber and 99?

The decision by the Rio de Janeiro government came after a series of complaints in the city, where many customers felt aggrieved by having to pay extra for the use of air conditioning in the vehicle.

With the publication of the decree, this practice is now considered abusive, and in this sense, it will no longer be tolerated by applications.

Application Drivers Union speaks out

The union representing app drivers expressed concerns, mentioning that profits have been declining in recent years, directly affecting drivers’ earnings.

However, the extra charge outside the application would violate the Consumer Protection Code. Therefore, with the new rule, drivers will bear the cost of using air conditioning.

Consequences of the new regulation

In cities facing high temperatures, the importance of air conditioning in private transport vehicles is indisputable.

The new regulation thus not only benefits consumers by ensuring comfort and transparency, but also poses an additional challenge for drivers who already face reduced profit margins.

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Problem for drivers, joy for customers

As private transportation companies continue to adapt to an ever-changing regulatory environment, the Rio de Janeiro government’s decision highlights the need to balance customer comfort and fairness for drivers.

If you still have questions about the subject, visit the official website of the Rio de Janeiro Government to resolve all questions:

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