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Find out how Nubank’s sworn PIX is revolutionizing transfers in 2024, offering financial flexibility to customers.

Nubank, known for its constant innovation in the financial sector, surprised everyone in 2024 with the launch of a revolutionary feature: PIX fiado.

This new development represents a significant step forward in the world of finance, providing customers with an innovative solution to their money transfer needs.

Next, we will explore in detail how PIX fiado works, how customers can benefit from this functionality and what are the financial implications to be considered.

Understand the innovation of PIX fiado: immediate transfers without impacting the credit card limit at Nubank. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What is PIX Fiado and how does it work?

PIX fiado, launched by Nubank in 2024, is a notable addition to the payment and transfer options available to fintech customers.

Unlike other transfer methods, this functionality allows customers to make transfers via PIX, even when they do not have sufficient balance in their accounts.

The most intriguing aspect is that PIX fiado does not use the customer’s credit card limit, which makes it a unique option in the financial market.

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What is the advantage of PIX Fiado?

The main advantage of spun PIX is its ease of use. Nubank customers can now make instant money transfers without the need to have a balance available in their accounts.

In short, this eliminates the worry about the availability of funds when making an urgent transfer.

Furthermore, PIX fiado offers the option of installments, allowing the amount to be debited on the customer’s next invoices, making the process even more convenient.

New credit limit for PIX transfers

To make this functionality possible, Nubank introduced a new credit limit exclusively for transfers via sworn PIX.

This means that customers can take advantage of this option without affecting the credit limit already on their cards.

This approach aims to make financial transfers more flexible and accessible to users, while maintaining financial security.


Although PIX fiado offers a convenient solution for money transfers, customers should be aware of some crucial financial considerations.

The transaction amount is subject to interest. In this sense, larger amounts may result in higher rates.

Installment payments also influence interest rates, so choosing the number of installments must be made carefully.

Customers should be aware of the fees involved and payment conditions when opting for this transfer method.

How to use PIX Fiado?

Namely, to use guarantor PIX, customers must select the credit modality when making a transfer via PIX.

However, it is important to note that Nubank’s information and policies may be updated over time.

Therefore, customers should consult the official Nubank website or app for the latest information.

Ultimately, Nubank’s PIX guarantor represents a revolution in the field of personal finance, offering customers a flexible and convenient way to make transfers even when they do not have a balance available in their accounts.

However, it is essential that customers are aware of the fees and conditions associated with this functionality.

With its ongoing commitment to innovation, Nubank continues to lead the fintech market, providing financial solutions that meet its customers’ needs in an effective and friendly way.

Therefore, explore this new functionality and discover how PIX fiado can make your financial transactions simpler and more accessible.

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