Credit card debts have already started to be renegotiated at Desenrola Brasil

Find out how Desenrola Brasil is helping consumers renegotiate credit card debts and regain their financial stability.

The debt renegotiation program, known as Desenrola Brasil, initially scheduled to last until December, brought good news for consumers.

Now, the initiative has been extended, allowing those seeking solutions to their debts until March this year to take advantage of its benefits.

Among the debts that can be renegotiated with special conditions are those acquired through the use of a credit card.

Discover the advantages of renegotiating your credit card debts through Desenrola Brasil and leave the financial nightmare behind. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Desenrola Brasil and the challenge of credit card debt

For many consumers, credit card debt can become a real nightmare. With invoices piling up, your name being put on the defaulter list and your card being cancelled, the situation can quickly become untenable. It is in this scenario that Desenrola Brasil emerges as a valuable alternative.

Expanding trading opportunities

Desenrola Brasil offers consumers the opportunity to negotiate a wide variety of debts, which include not only those related to credit cards, but also loans, financing, water, electricity, telephone bills, supermarket cards, credits in retail stores and other types of debit.

By accessing the Desenrola Brasil platform, consumers have access to crucial information about their debts. This includes the original amount of the debt, the updated amount with the discounts applied and the available payment options. The alternatives offered to consumers are:

Cash payment. In summary, this option offers discounts that can reach up to 90% on the original value of the debt, providing a quick and economical solution for those who can pay off the debt in full.Instalments. On the other hand, for those who prefer a more flexible approach, Desenrola Brasil allows installments to be made in up to 60 monthly installments, with a fixed interest rate of 1.99% per month. It is important to note that not all creditors offer the option of installments.

Facing default

A survey conducted by Instituto Locomotiva revealed that 60% of Brazilians have credit cards as the main cause of default. Therefore, the possibility of renegotiating these debts with more favorable conditions is welcome news for many.

Negotiating for Desenrola Brasil

For those who wish to negotiate their credit card debts through Desenrola Brasil, the process is relatively simple and safe. The following steps can be followed:

First, access the official Desenrola Brasil website (and click on the "Enter with" option. Then, log in using your CPF and password. The system will display all outstanding debts in your name, along with payment options payment available.Select the credit card debt you want to renegotiate and click on the "Negotiate" option.Inform how you intend to make the payment and follow the instructions to finalize the agreement.

Finally, remember that the deal will be confirmed after the first installment is paid, providing consumers with a valuable opportunity to ease the burden of credit card debt and regain their financial health.

Therefore, be sure to take advantage of this chance to get your finances in order and move towards a more stable financial future. Desenrola Brasil is here to help transform the debt nightmare into a path towards financial stability.

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