CRAVADA bus fare at R$1.99 for all workers? Understand!

Is it true that all Brazilian workers will be able to take the bus paying a fare of just R$1.99? Check out the main details about this new feature.

Bus fares have always been a topic of great relevance and debate among citizens, especially in large cities.

With an update that promises to ease workers’ pockets, a Brazilian city has just announced a new law that could change the game in public transport. This new feature brings the prospect of more affordable rates, a change that is celebrated by thousands.

But, after all, who will be able to benefit from the R$1.99 bus fare? In the article below, you can check the answer to this and other questions.

CRAVADA bus fare at R$1.99 for all workers? Understand! Credit: Reproduction.

The importance of public transport

Public transport is the backbone of large metropolises, essential for urban mobility. It allows millions of people to commute to work, school and other daily activities.

An affordable rate is crucial as it directly impacts workers’ budgets, especially those with lower incomes.

At the heart of this transformation is the Bill that creates the ‘Card Reducing Distances’ program, a great benefit for those who use public transport.

Proposed by the City of Cabo Frio, the project seeks to establish a single fare of R$1.99 for municipal bus tickets.

With this initiative, the city’s Executive Branch would be authorized to grant subsidies to concessionaires, thus relieving the cost for citizens.

Has the law already been approved?

At least for now, the answer is no. Magdala Furtado, mayor of Cabo Frio, emphasized the urgency of approving this project.

If the project was not approved before the turn of the year, there would be legal impediments to its implementation in 2024.

The law not only brings direct financial benefits to residents, but also represents an important step in the fight against social and economic inequality.

Challenges in implementing the R$1.99 bus fare

The implementation of this project faces legislative and administrative challenges. The mayor warned about the consequences of not including the project on the agenda of legislative sessions, highlighting the potential loss for the city’s residents.

This scenario highlights the importance of rapid and effective political action to guarantee concrete benefits to the population.

More news should be out soon

The proposed reduced fare for buses in Cabo Frio represents a significant change in the lives of workers and residents of the city. By reducing transportation costs, citizens can expect budget relief, allowing them to redirect their resources to other essential needs.

This initiative not only improves transport accessibility, but is also a step towards a more inclusive and equal society.

It is clear that municipal actions have a profound and lasting impact on citizens’ quality of life, and Cabo Frio is on the right path to offering this to its residents. Find out more at

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