Could gas vouchers end in 2024? Understand possible government blockages

This year, some uncertainty surrounds the payment of the gas voucher and, therefore, many believe that it could end. Understand if this is true!

Did you know that the gas voucher, a crucial aid for millions of Brazilians, could face significant challenges in 2024? With the release of last year’s inflation, the federal government is evaluating the possibility of applying blocks to various aid, including the gas voucher.

This program currently serves around 5.5 million Brazilians. Inflation of 4.62%, although within the target, generated an economic scenario that could directly impact the continuity and effectiveness of this very important aid. Let’s understand the subject better!

Do you receive gas voucher payments? So find out if it will really end this year! / Photo: Marcello Casal Jr. – Agência Brasil

Gas voucher in 2024: what can we expect?

The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) announced that 2023 inflation was lower than expected, resulting in a potential increase in the government spending limit for 2024. However, this may not be as positive as it seems.

In short, the expectation was for a greater increase in the budget, which did not materialize. Now, the government may need to block around R$44 billion in expenses to comply with fiscal rules. This scenario puts programs like the gas voucher in a delicate position.

The current situation of the gas voucher

The gas voucher, which began to be paid in December 2021, is a bimonthly program, offered every two months. The last release took place in December 2023, with the next scheduled for February 2024. Currently, more than 5.5 million people are eligible to receive the benefit. The aid value corresponds to 100% of the national average price of a 13-kilogram gas cylinder, but there is still no confirmation whether this format will be maintained for 2024.

Changes in the minimum wage and their impact on aid

The increase in the minimum wage from R$1,320 to R$1,412 changes the per capita income necessary to access the gas voucher, which is now R$706. This adjustment may affect the eligibility of many citizens for the program. To receive the gas voucher, the citizen must have an account with CadÚnico, live with a member who is a beneficiary of the BPC (Continuous Payment Benefit) and have a per capita income of up to half the minimum wage.

Perspectives and challenges for the future

Faced with these economic challenges, the government may have to make adjustments to the budget, which includes the possibility of contingency in resources allocated to the gas voucher. Although resources from other areas have been reallocated in the past to maintain the program, it is still uncertain whether this will be a viable option in 2024. With entry rules being changed, it is crucial to be aware of the new regulations to understand who will be entitled to the benefit.

Practical guide: how to receive the gas voucher in 2024

Receiving the gas voucher, a crucial benefit for many Brazilian families, involves a relatively simple process, but requires attention to some important details. Here is a practical guide to help you understand how you can be eligible and receive the gas voucher:

Eligibility for the gas voucher

Single Registry (CadÚnico): to be eligible for the gas voucher, it is essential to be registered with CadÚnico, a system that gathers information about low-income families in Brazil. Make sure your information is updated in the system; Per capita income: one of the most important criteria is the family’s per capita income, which must not exceed half the minimum wage. With the new minimum wage of 2024, the per capita income for eligibility for the gas voucher is now up to R$706;Residence with a BPC beneficiary: having a family member who is a beneficiary of the BPC (Continuous Payment Benefit) is also an criteria for receiving the gas voucher.

Process to receive aid

Consult CadÚnico: check that you are registered and that your information is up to date. You can consult at a Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS);Wait for selection: the federal government selects beneficiaries based on information from CadÚnico. It is not necessary to sign up specifically for the gas voucher, selection is automatic; Payment calendar: the gas voucher is paid bimonthly. Pay attention to the payment calendar, which the government publishes; Receiving the benefit: payment of the gas voucher is made through the Bolsa Família Card or by crediting an account for those who have an account with Caixa Econômica Federal. It is important to keep your bank details up to date.

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