Contran determines new DEADLINES for taking a mandatory driver's license exam: be careful!

To issue and renew your driving license, you will have to take a new mandatory exam! Understand how the process works and see how to regularize your situation.

With the constant evolution of traffic regulations and the need to maintain safety on the roads, Contran announced new deadlines for carrying out mandatory exams for drivers.

The objective of this measure is to increase responsibility and vigilance over those behind the wheel. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of these changes to avoid penalties. See below until when you can take the mandatory exam to renew your driving license!

Discover the new mandatory exam to renew your driver’s license! Credit: plasticaxe.

What is the CNH? Who can take it?

The National Driving License (CNH) is the document that certifies an individual’s ability to drive motor vehicles.

To obtain it, it is necessary to go through a process that includes theoretical and practical classes, as well as exams that prove the driver’s aptitude on the roads. But not only that! Applicants must also be over 18 years old and literate.

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Contran announces mandatory exam to renew driver’s license

Now, we have a very important update for Brazilian drivers: this year, to issue or renew their driver’s license, drivers will have to take a mandatory exam.

Toxicological testing will become compulsory again in 2023, and those caught with expired tests will face punishment.

Failure to take this exam can result in significant fines and loss of points on your license, reinforcing the importance of being up to date with this requirement.

How long will it take to take the mandatory driver’s license exam?

The National Traffic Council (Contran) also announced an increase in the deadline for drivers who have not yet undergone periodic toxicological testing.

The decision, published in the Official Gazette of the Union, establishes new dates for carrying out this exam, which is mandatory for drivers with CNH categories C, D and E.

The initial deadline for renewing exams, which had ended on December 28, 2023, was extended. Now, drivers have two new dates to renew their exams:

Driver’s license valid between January and June: renewal until March 31st. Driver’s license valid between July and December: renewal until April 30th.

Fine and points on the driver’s license for missing the exam

As mentioned previously, Contran provides for several sanctions for drivers with a C, D, and E driver’s license who refuse to take the mandatory exam.

In this scenario, drivers who are caught with an expired drug test will be fined R$1,467.35 for committing a very serious infraction.

The sanctions also include the addition of seven points to the driver’s license, emphasizing the severity of the consequences for those who neglect to take the test.

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How is the mandatory exam carried out?

The exam must be carried out in accredited clinics, with samples of hair, skin or nails. It is capable of detecting the use of prohibited substances, such as cocaine and amphetamines, in the last 180 days. The test must be repeated every two years and six months.

Contran’s determination of new deadlines for carrying out toxicological testing is yet another sign of the agency’s continued commitment to road safety.

For drivers in categories C, D and E, staying informed and complying with these standards is essential to avoid severe penalties and contribute to safer traffic for everyone.

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