Clicks: A new keyboard for iPhone

Clicks is looking to revive the combination of smartphones and physical keyboards with a new iPhone case that’s surprisingly good. This case adds a physical keyboard to the iPhone, with shortcuts and backlighting, offering an innovative and practical solution.

Innovation in physical keyboards

The concept of Clicks requires getting several aspects right. Clicks impresses with its quality, especially in its demonstration at CES 2024.

The Clicks design, with its physical keyboard, brings added value to the iPhone, especially for those users who value the tactile experience and typing efficiency.

Ease of use and design

Inserting and removing the Clicks iPhone is quick and easy. The case combines rigid silicone with a flexible material on the top, making it easy to place the phone. Charging port alignment is the only minor challenge.

Keys and typing experience

The keys are crucial in Clicks, and their rounded and spaced layout is spot on. The keyboard layout is similar to the default iOS keyboard, making it familiar. The keys are backlit and offer excellent tactile feedback.

iOS Integration

Clicks integrates seamlessly with iOS, allowing users to start typing and using keyboard shortcuts immediately after connecting, with no special settings or permissions required.

Although Clicks’ size may be a challenge for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, its smart design and the usefulness of the physical keyboard make up for this minor discomfort.

Size and portability

Despite its advantages, Clicks adds size to the iPhone. In active use, size is not an issue on smaller models, but it can be uncomfortable on the iPhone 15 Pro Max due to its large size.

Clicks represents the best of the concept of a physical keyboard case for iPhone. Its well-thought-out design, comfortable use, and thoughtful features make it an attractive option. It’s aimed at both physical keyboard lovers and content creators who would benefit from the additional screen real estate. Clicks will begin shipping in February for the iPhone 14 Pro, and in March for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, with prices starting at $139.

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