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We reveal the secret of R$1.00 coins that are worth up to R$170.00. Explore the world of numismatics and discover its hidden potential.

If you knew that a simple 1 real coin could be worth up to R$170.00, would you pay more attention to the coins in your wallet? Well, the world of numismatics hides fascinating surprises.

Knowing this, in this article, we will explore the hidden value of common coins and what makes some of them so precious. Curious to know? So, keep reading.

You could be carrying a fortune in your wallet! (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What is numismatics?

Namely, numismatics is nothing more than the art of collecting coins and banknotes. In fact, the practice has gained more and more followers in Brazil, driven by events such as the 2016 Olympics.

However, in addition to the Olympic coins, there are other treasures waiting to be discovered.

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More than a hobby

Numismatics goes beyond a hobby; it is a passion that involves history, art and economic value.

In Brazil, this interest grew notably with the production of coins for the 2016 Olympics, which featured representations of Olympic sports and attracted avid collectors.

However, the charm of antique and special items is not limited to these events, as collectors are willing to pay high amounts for coins that have unique characteristics.

What makes a currency valuable?

To understand why some common currencies can be worth so much, it is essential to know the main characteristics that make them valuable:

Commemorative Dates: Examples manufactured to celebrate special events are often produced in limited editions, making them more valued. Minting Errors: Examples that present errors during the manufacturing process can become rarities and attract collectors. Low Production: The smaller the quantity of copies available on the market, the higher their value will be. Low Circulation: Examples rarely seen in everyday life become more desired by collectors.

The 1 real coin that could be worth a fortune

In commemoration of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the Central Bank of Brazil launched some commemorative coins that quickly gained prominence.

One of them, popularly known as the "flag delivery coin," immortalized the moment in which the flag of the city of London, host of the 2012 Olympics, was passed to Rio de Janeiro.

The value of this item depends, to a large extent, on its state of conservation, a critical factor for collectors. Coins are typically categorized into three main states:

Flor de Cunho: Copies in perfect condition, which have never been circulated and show no signs of wear. Superb: Copies with approximately 90% of the original details, which had a limited circulation. Very Well Preserved (MBC): Copies with approximately 70% of the original details, showing signs of handling and use, but without excessive wear.

According to the illustrated catalog of Coins with Errors, the "flag delivery coin" has the following values:

Mint Flower: R$ 170.00 Superb: R$ 150.00 Very Well Preserved (MBC): R$ 120.00

How to sell rare coins?

If you have rare items in your possession and want to sell them, it is important to follow some tips. Keep your coins in impeccable condition, as collectors value well-preserved specimens.

Storing them in bags or plastic wrap can help preserve their original condition over time.

Furthermore, to find those interested in purchasing your coins, you can explore websites specializing in numismatics.

There are many collectors willing to pay considerable sums for rare models, offering an opportunity to earn extra money without much effort.

Therefore, now that you know more about the world of numismatics and are aware that a common 1 real coin can be worth up to R$170.00, it’s worth checking your wallet for hidden treasures.

Who knows, maybe you have a small fortune saved in the form of old coins?

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