Check the requirements to buy airline tickets for just R$199.99

Affordable air travel: Learn about the requirements to buy tickets for R$200 on the Voa Brasil program and plan your next adventure.

Soon, Brazilians will have the opportunity to travel by air at affordable prices, thanks to the Voa Brasil program. The idea is to launch it in February.

With the promise of making air tickets available for just R$200, the program aims to make air travel more democratic and accessible for a public that often does not have the opportunity to experience this form of transport.

Flight tickets for R$200: Find out who can take advantage of this unique opportunity and explore incredible destinations with Voa Brasil. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Encouraging the use of airplanes as a means of transport

The idea behind Voa Brasil is to encourage the use of airplanes as a means of transport, especially among those with lower purchasing power. During the pandemic, air ticket prices increased considerably, making them unaffordable for many Brazilians. The 23.7% increase in ticket prices in October 2023, compared to the previous month, and an accumulated increase of 37.17% in the previous two months, contributed to this reality.

As a result, many people with lower incomes opted for land travel, while others gave up visiting tourist destinations due to the high cost of tickets. Voa Brasil appears as an alternative to reverse this situation and allow more Brazilians to experience the convenience and speed of air travel.

Who can buy airline tickets through Voa Brasil?

When the program is launched, scheduled for February, flight tickets with special Voa Brasil prices will be aimed at two specific groups:

INSS retirees with an income of up to two minimum wages: This category encompasses around 20.8 million people, providing the opportunity to travel by plane to those who previously could not consider this option due to the costs. ProUni scholarship students (University Program for All): Around 600,000 scholarship recipients will have the chance to purchase air tickets at affordable prices, allowing more students to visit their families or explore new destinations.

In addition to these groups, the initiative will also benefit those who have not traveled by plane in the last 12 months, expanding access to air travel for a more diverse audience.

Will Voa Brasil be a permanent program?

The Voa Brasil program will not be a permanent seat reservation policy on each leg of travel. According to information provided by Minister Silvio Costa Filho, the program will have a beginning, middle and end. Therefore, it will not be an ongoing initiative.

The exact number of tickets available has not yet been announced. However, it is estimated that around 6 million tickets will be available for collection. The most affordable tickets will be prioritized on flights operated on weekdays and at times of lower demand, ensuring that more people have access to this offer.

How to buy plane tickets for R$200 through Voa Brasil?

To purchase airline tickets through the Voa Brasil program, interested parties will not be able to purchase directly from the airlines. Instead, the federal government will create an official website where interested parties can register and compete for available tickets.

The main airlines, such as Azul, Gol and Latam, will participate in the program, providing seats according to the logistics of their flights. Consumers will have the opportunity to choose the company, the desired route, time and preferred date.

In addition to the Voa Brasil program, the government is also implementing other strategies to reduce air ticket prices for the general public. In this sense, the reduction in the price of aviation kerosene, the reduction in processes involving airlines and the expansion of credit for companies in the sector stand out.

Finally, with the promise of making air travel more accessible, the Voa Brasil program has the potential to benefit millions of Brazilians.

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