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It is now possible to issue the new ID in all states in Brazil! Check out the main features of the document, the complete dispatch process and much more.

Recently, the Federal Government confirmed the launch of a document that simplifies your life, unifies information, and is also easy to issue. We are talking, of course, about the new ID, the National Identity Card (CIN), which arrived to make Brazilians’ daily lives easier.

So, where can I get my new ID? The process, to the surprise of many, is quite simple. In the article below, our objective is to explore the universe of the new RG, understand its characteristics, and most importantly: explain how you can obtain it without complications. Prepared?

You can issue the new ID in all Brazilian states! See how. Credit: plasticaxe.

Understand what the ID is for

The ID has always been a very important document for Brazilians. After all, it is each citizen’s identity key.

With the new ID, this importance is raised to a new level. Now, it not only identifies you as an individual, but also integrates a lot of essential information into one place.

The update symbolizes, at the same time, an evolution in the way we identify ourselves, and also a significant advance in terms of security and practicality.

New RG is full of updates

The new RG, or National Identity Card (CIN), is now available for issuance. This innovative document brings a series of new features:

Digital and physical versions: The new ID is available in both digital and physical format, making it extremely accessible and practical. Free for first copy and renewal: Both the first copy and renewal of the document are free, removing financial barriers to obtaining RG.Unique CPF number: By using the CPF number as a general record, the new RG simplifies the issuance process throughout the country.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Management and Innovation announced important changes to the new ID. Two points stand out in particular. Are they:

Elimination of the distinction between name and social nameAbsence of the sex field

These changes, of course, reflect an advance in inclusion and respect for diversity, particularly with the LGBTQIA+ community.

How to issue the new RTG?

To issue the new ID, the process is simple and can be done mostly online. There’s no secret: just follow the tutorial below:

Locate the Responsible Portal: Each state has a portal responsible for issuing the ID. Access your state’s portal.Gather the Necessary Documentation: Make sure you have all the documents required for the request, which may involve Birth Certificate, CPF, marriage certificate and other related documentation.Submit the Request Online: After gathering the documentation, send your request through the portal. You can schedule pickup or request home delivery.

What is even in the document?

The new ID is a compendium of vital information. In this way, the main data of Brazilians are included in the document. Below, you can check the complete list:

Name and Social NameCPFSexoDate of BirthNationality/NaturalitySignature of the HolderParents’ NamesIssuing BodyQR Code for Electronic ValidationBlood TypeInformation about Organ Donation

What is the validity period of the new ID?

Many Brazilians ask themselves: what is the validity period of the CIN? The new ID has a variable validity period, depending on the holder’s age. See the table below:

0 to 12 years: 5 years of validity12 to 60 years of age: 10 years of validityFrom 60 years of age: Indefinite validity

Where to issue the new ID?

Great news for those who need to get their ID! With the order given by the Federal Government, the document is now issued in all Brazilian states – and those who have not yet qualified may suffer consequences from the Union.

Therefore, if you have not yet requested yours, it is worth contacting your state authority to check more details about the issuance process. Do not waste time!

The new ID is a revolution in the way Brazilians identify themselves. With a simplified issuance process, inclusion of relevant information and a modern design, it makes everyday life easier, and also promotes inclusion and respects diversity.

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