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BBB continues to move the house participants. See who’s in the spotlight this time and vote for who you want to stay!

Big Brother Brasil 24 is on fire, and tempers in the most watched house in Brazil are at an all-time high. In this third wall, the competition is fiercer than ever, with three participants in the spotlight: Beatriz, Davi and Pizane.

In this exciting chapter of the BBB 24 journey, we will learn a little more about each of these participants and understand how voting works with just one CPF, which added a new level of unpredictability to the competition.

Get ready to dive into the universe of the most watched reality show in the country and find out who will stay in the house and who will say goodbye to this incredible experience. Follow closely, as the excitement is guaranteed!

A new wall has been formed at the BBB. Who do you want to stay in the game? Choose wisely! / Credit: Rede Globo / Reproduction

BBB 24: Beatriz, Davi and Pizane form the third wall!

Meet the brothers who are in the spotlight.

Beatriz: at 26 years old, Beatriz is a digital influencer known for her authenticity and good humor. She won over the audience from the beginning of the program with her sincerity and charisma. Will she be able to escape the wall? Davi: aged 30, Davi is a doctor who joined BBB 24 in search of new challenges and experiences. His strong personality and blunt opinions made him a polarizing figure in the house. Will his fans keep him in the competition? Pizane: aged 22, he is an architecture student and won the public’s favor with his relaxation and joy. His career on the program was marked by friendships and funny moments. Will she be able to continue her journey on BBB 24?

Voting with just one CPF

One of the big news in this edition of BBB is voting with just one CPF. This means that viewers have a single vote per CPF, making the competition even more unpredictable and exciting. Previously, it was possible to vote multiple times, but now each vote counts even more decisively.

To vote, simply access the program’s official website (log in with your CPF and choose the participant you want to save. It is important to remember that voting is strictly individual, and each CPF can only be used once a day. Therefore, choose wisely. wisdom and support your favorite participant so that he stays in the house and continues in search of the millionaire prize.

Remember the events that marked the first week of BBB 24!

The first week of Big Brother Brasil 24 was marked by intense emotions and some controversies that stirred social media and gave rise to something to talk about among the program’s fans. Let’s remember some of the most controversial moments that shook the most watched house in Brazil:

Yasmin Brunet on BBB: The entry of model and activist Yasmin Brunet on the program generated great expectations, and her pro-environment and veganism stance caused debates inside and outside the house;Maycon and the leader test: during a leader test, the Participant Maycon had a tense moment when he broke a rule and generated arguments among his confinement colleagues; Confrontations and alliances: in the first week, several alliances began to form, and some clashes arose, revealing the first rivalries in the game; Mystery of the nominations : the form of nominations for the wall generated speculation and theories among viewers, keeping the audience intrigued; Secrets and strategies: participants began to share personal secrets and strategies to win the millionaire prize, creating expectations about the development of the game.

The first week of BBB 24 has already been full of twists and controversies, and viewers are eager to see how these events will impact the program’s development. With alliances forming and secrets being revealed, the reality show promises to continue surprising the audience with each episode. Stay tuned so you don’t miss any exciting and controversial moments from Big Brother Brasil 24!

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