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Can all Bolsa Família beneficiaries receive the R$700 Pix at Caixa Tem? See the criteria and check other details about the program.

Hope is reborn for Bolsa Família beneficiaries with an exciting announcement: a significant increase in the value of the benefit, now reaching an all-time high.

This is news that lights up the eyes of many Brazilian families, bringing relief to the monthly budget and the promise of better days ahead. However, not all policyholders can receive the R$700! To check the criteria, keep reading!

Who can receive the R$700 Pix from Bolsa Família? Credit: plasticaxe.

Where is the benefit deposited?

Bolsa Família, traditionally recognized as a vital support for millions of Brazilians, is going through a boom period.

With the introduction of PIX, a revolutionary instant transfer tool, beneficiaries now have faster and more efficient access to their money.

The deposits themselves, it is important to remember, are made using the Caixa Tem app, available for Android and iOS.

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Bolsa Família brings R$700 Pix in January

Currently, the minimum value of Bolsa Família is R$600, but with the new changes, many families are seeing a significant increase in the amounts received. This is due to a series of additional benefits that are being incorporated into the program.

That is why, in January 2024, many families that receive the social benefit guarantee access to payments of R$700 – or even larger amounts.

To determine the exact amount that each family should receive, the program undergoes a meticulous analysis after enrolling in CRAS. Larger families, for example, tend to receive more, considering their specific needs.

Increase in the average benefit value

In 2024, Bolsa Família reached a new level with an average value of R$685.61, surpassing the previous record from 2023, which was R$670.36.

This increase is an indication that more people are being benefited and assisted by the program, and that a good number of beneficiaries receive additional benefits from the initiative – we will show them all below.

Who is entitled to the R$700 Pix on Bolsa Família?

As you may have already noticed, the R$700 Pix in Bolsa Família is deposited for beneficiaries who are entitled to additional benefits from the program.

In addition to the base amount, there are additions that can significantly increase the amount received by families. Are they:

Variable Family Nurture Benefit: Adds R$50 for each family member up to six months of age. Citizenship Income Benefit: Adds R$142 for each person in the family. Complementary Benefit: Guarantees that the minimum value of Bolsa Família is R$ 600. Early Childhood Benefit: Includes R$ 150 for each child up to seven years of age in the family. Gas Voucher: Available bimonthly and covers 100% of the national average value of a 13 kg gas cylinder.

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When will Pix from Bolsa Família hit the account?

The increase in the average value of Bolsa Família for 2024 is encouraging news for millions of Brazilians. With the help of PIX and the ease of Caixa Tem, access to benefits becomes faster and more efficient.

The Bolsa Família calendar is defined according to the end of each beneficiary’s Social Registration Number (NIS). See below:

January 18 – Beneficiaries with NIS ending January 119 – Beneficiaries with NIS ending January 222 – Beneficiaries with NIS ending January 323 – Beneficiaries with NIS ending January 424 – Beneficiaries with NIS ending January 525 – Beneficiaries with NIS ending January 626 – Beneficiaries with NIS ending January 7; 29 – Beneficiaries with NIS ending January 8; 30 January – Beneficiaries with NIS ending 8; January 31 – Beneficiaries with NIS ending 0.

If you still have questions about Bolsa Família, visit the official website to resolve all questions:

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