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Caixa Tem is preparing a surprise that will make users’ daily lives much easier. Find out what the news is about and stay tuned for the request!

Have you already checked out the surprise list of CPFs covered by Caixa Tem? That’s right, Caixa Econômica Federal has just announced a list of beneficiaries with a new surprise benefit, and your name could be on it!

If you are a Caixa Tem user, this news is especially for you. The new feature promises to make customers' lives a lot easier, so be sure to check out what it's all about!

An interesting new feature of Caixa Tem has just arrived for users. See how to request the benefit! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Caixa Tem launches credit card option

In principle, the Caixa Tem credit card is the latest facility for app users, offering the possibility of making purchases on credit, both in cash and in installments.

This innovation is a great help, especially for those looking to increase their purchasing power, including those with lower incomes.

Exclusive advantages of your new card

Practical payments: firstly, make contactless payments with NFC technology, ensuring speed and security in your purchases; Zero annual fees: forget about annual fees. The Caixa Tem Card is free, easing your pocket; Digital request: then request your card directly through the app, without complications and with total agility; Accessible limit: in addition, with easy minimum limits, your purchases are guaranteed, respecting your budget ;Free additional card: extend the benefits for someone special with an additional card at no extra cost;Online security: use the virtual card for your purchases on the internet, keeping your security high;Freedom of use: use your card both in Brazil and abroad outdoor, perfect for your travels.

Step by step to apply for the Caixa Tem card

Now, for those lucky enough to be selected, applying is easy:

Update in the app: check if you are one of the beneficiaries by updating your data in Caixa Tem;Documentation: send the necessary documents for the credit analysis;Browse the menu: access the "Caixa Cards" menu in the app;Choose the Card: select " Credit Card" and follow the app's instructions.

Ready! Take advantage of all the facilities that the Caixa Tem Credit Card offers. Remember, it is available to a select group of users, so check your eligibility and enjoy the benefits!

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What benefits fall under Caixa Tem?

In short, Caixa Tem is an application that facilitates access to various social benefits. Among them, for example, are Emergency Aid, Bolsa Família, BEm (Emergency Employment and Income Maintenance Benefit) and the FGTS withdrawal.

In addition, the app also allows payment of Gas Aid and other government assistance programs.

Through Caixa Tem, beneficiaries can make transfers, pay bills and bills, as well as make online purchases using the virtual debit card and QR Code, providing convenience and security.

Keep the app updated to receive payments

Finally, to ensure uninterrupted access to Caixa Tem services and benefits, it is crucial to keep the application always up to date.

This can be done by accessing the app store behind the Caixa Tem app (Android: or iOS: If an update is available, the "Update" option will appear.

Click on it and wait for the new version to install. Keeping the app updated ensures better performance, bug fixes and access to the latest features and security measures implemented by Caixa.

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