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Discover the changes at Uber: See the list of affected vehicles and the criteria behind the exclusions from the Comfort and Black categories.

Uber, one of the app transportation giants, recently underwent a series of changes in its Comfort and Black categories, causing a significant impact on several drivers and vehicle owners operating on the platform.

These changes, which directly affected the list of vehicles eligible for the app’s most luxurious options, have the central objective of raising the quality standard offered to users.

Knowing the relevance of this matter, in the lines below we will explore in detail the reasons behind these changes, the criteria that led to the exclusion of certain vehicles and we will provide the full list of affected models. So follow along!

Exclusions at Uber: Learn about the criteria behind removing vehicles from premium categories and their impacts. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What are the new vehicle guidelines at Uber?

Uber, as part of its ongoing commitment to improving services provided to its users, has reviewed and updated the requirements for vehicles that can operate in the Comfort and Black categories, known for offering a premium experience to passengers.

The company announced these changes as an effort to improve service quality and elevate the experience of driver partners and passengers.

However, Uber chose not to publicly disclose the specific criteria that determined which vehicle models would no longer qualify for the Comfort and Black categories.

This has led to speculation and questions among drivers, leaving many of them searching for answers and understanding regarding the new guidelines.

The absence of detailed information about these criteria raises questions about how Uber evaluates and selects vehicles for its premium categories.

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Impact on drivers and the list of affected vehicles

The changes in the Comfort and Black categories had a direct impact on several vehicle models that previously served these premium categories.

The Comfort category, for example, is known for offering larger and more spacious cars, allowing customization of the ride according to the passenger’s preferences, including choice of temperature, radio station and silent travel option.

However, now, vehicles in this category must meet strict requirements, such as the presence of air conditioning, four doors and the capacity to carry at least five passengers. Additionally, drivers must maintain a high rating from passengers.

Due to these new rules, several renowned models, such as the Ford Edge, the Honda Fit, the Chevrolet Blazer, the Volkswagen Voyage and the Caoa Chery Tiggo 7 and 8 Pro, can now only operate in the Uber X mode, which is the most accessible from the platform. There is also an exception for the Chevrolet Joy Plus, which can still be used in the Comfort category in Rio de Janeiro.

Uber Black: the luxury category

The Uber Black category, the most luxurious offered by Uber, has even more stringent requirements compared to Comfort.

In addition to meeting all of the latter’s criteria, Uber Black vehicles must be in specific colors, such as black, lead, silver, gray, navy blue, brown or white.

In addition, drivers must have completed more than 100 rides in different Uber categories and maintain extremely positive reviews from passengers.

These changes could pose a significant challenge for drivers previously operating in the Comfort and Black categories, leading many of them to reconsider their options and possibly move to the more affordable and widely available Uber X category.

List of affected vehicles

Here is the full list of vehicles that have been removed from Uber’s Comfort and Black categories:

Land Rover: FreelanderChevrolet: Blazer and Joy Plus (except for Rio de Janeiro)Honda FitFord: Edge, Fiesta Sedan, Focus, Ka Sedan and TerritoryVolkswagen VoyageFiat: Bravo, Grand Siena, Siena, Idea and LineaCitroƫn: C4 Pallas and C5Caoa Chery: Tiggo 7 Pro and Tiggo 8 ProJAC: J5, J6 and iEV20Lifan 530

What are the objectives of the changes at Uber?

The main objective of changes to Uber’s Comfort and Black categories is to raise the quality standard. In addition, the company also aims to offer a more consistent experience to passengers who opt for premium options.

Although the lack of transparency regarding the exact criteria used by Uber has generated uncertainty among drivers, it is clear that the company is committed to improving its services.

These changes also have the potential to impact the ride-hailing market, as drivers and vehicle owners seek to adapt to the new guidelines and find opportunities in other modes offered by the platform.

Uber continues to evolve! Therefore, it will be interesting to observe how these changes affect the dynamics of the sector and the user experience.

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